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  1. REX and Xplane 11

    Awesome news Guys
  2. Thanks

    Hi Timmy lol - your welcome Guys
  3. Thanks

    Thank you Galen - installing now top notch support
  4. Thanks

    Thanks for latest updates Guys to REX
  5. Bought a Groupon for Introductory Flight Package

    I have a new baby on the way Congrats brother
  6. Amazing sounds

    There you go Rock On Timmy
  7. Amazing sounds

    Yes Sir, shut down fsx still shaking lol. Steve Inwood sorry
  8. Amazing sounds

    Tim you need one of these brother Steve Winwood turned me on to this get one bro.
  9. Amazing sounds

    Essentials wow just got my buttkicker gamer 2, loaded up ftx thunder storm weather theme clouds looked sick flying along and BAM thenew lighting and thunder sounds scared the living #$^&^** out of me wow guys next payday expect a donation holy moly. Get one of these great price here wow this thing rocks http://smoketronics.com/buttkicker-gamer2-p-120.html
  10. 90% Done

    I will my friend your the best. Some nice screenies would be great. Hint Hint
  11. 90% Done

    3 hours on UK server 90% done Tim fyi almost there can't wait, thank god no work tomorrow thanks buddy.
  12. Just to confirm..

    I think you may have to wait only FSS original purchase have access to it right now but maybe someone with the exact info on this can help you, good luck.
  13. Downloading now Yeah

    That is correct Scott eazy peazy 2 Hours left
  14. Downloading now Yeah

    Downloading now Yeah
  15. Where will the d/l links be?

    Dump all REX stuff, essential is a new install overdrive for essential will come later.