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  1. Hi Tim,

    How are you doing, mate ?  I'm so sorry about the car accident you had.  Wish you and Angel all the best ! 

    See you soon, bud !



    Hey Kees, Sorry to reply with such delayyyyyyyyy ! It's been a very long time that I was on the forum here. You know private live has all priority. A few months ago I saw you on Skype, tried to catch you but no luck, you went offline .... I hope you're doing very well. Wish you all the best and hope to meet you soon on any way of communication.
  3. Which REX product and where did you purchase it ? You are already verified, .
  4. Thanks for reporting, Dave. Enjoy your flights with REX4 TD.
  5. Miguel, Please add your REX order number you got from the FSS.
  6. Francis, check your order again.
  7. Wow, interesting. Thanks for posting, Tom.
  8. See your PM, . Who's the owner of that order number ?
  9. Hi Steve, You are already verified with your other account name. Please use that account and this one will be deleted after your confirmation, . What REX product ? Who's your vendor of your other REX products ? With only a number you can't get verified.
  10. What yoke, pedals and software are you using ? About the brakes, go to your pedal settings in FSX and enable "reversed". I'll reply on the reverse thrust later.
  11. Please check your Personal Mailbox.
  12. Will do too, thanks Robert.

    Great Sebastian and thanks for purchasing, .

    Hi sky, All updates are available here. Select what you need, .