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  1. J van E

    Downloading Overdrive right now, Woo Hoo!

    I downloaded the zip in exactly 3 minutes and 58 seconds. So if someone is having problems with the download: it's not the server's fault! I am burning the exe to dvd right now and will install it this evening. Looking forward to some new water animations! And thanks for this free and big update!
  2. If they are really going to start that project (they are NOT working on it yet: they're just thinking about it!), it will take years to complete it, I think. This is not a project you can deliver from scratch in a year or so.
  3. I'm (still) no REX-customer, but THIS will absolutely get my credit card out of my pocket. One of my main 'problems' with FS(X) is that I don't get the idea the sun is shining ever. The ENB-addon did improve things a lot, but the main thing missing to give the illusion that there really is light in FSX, are ground shadows. If you can really get this done without an immense fps-hit, I'm in. I never expected to see this happen! Great! Can't wait! (But I have the idea I will have to for quite some time...)