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  1. I apologise if I didn´t understand the instructions right....I installed World Wide Airports in P3D4 from file rexwwa_20180725.zip I download from the forum. Installation went fine and I registered using name, e-mail and registration key. Is that OK? I didn´t have installed any previous version. Thanks
  2. I have REX4 and Soft Clouds and used the integration tool you provided to have Soft Clouds in REX4. After that I uninstalled Soft Clouds. Yet after the uninstalllation of Soft Clouds, I don´t have the "rextexturedirect.exe" file in the REX directory. I presume I have to reinstall REX4 and then Soft Clouds. Am I correct? If so, which files do I need? I just download the entire Rex4 package (that says "REX4TextureDirectSP2.zip") - do I still need SP3 + texture update 1 and texture update 2? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the installation of Soft Clouds. Worked fine. Just to clarify a question posted above: can I go now (after the integration) to add/remove programs and uninstall SoftClouds program and its sp1? Thanks Edmundo
  4. ega

    REX 4 and Themes

    Thanks Reed for your time. Yet your answer do not get to the point. In My Themes I have all the themes I did select - but which one is the current that is installed? (I am referring to community theme names, for example, not the type of clouds or lights currently installed). The install.log lists all the files that are being copied but does not indicate the name of the theme. What I would suggest, if you allow me, is that the Rex4 interface could mention the name of the current theme - just this. I think this would be much helpful. For example, I do have now installed a very nice theme. If I want to recommend it to you I can't because I have no idea which is its name! Many thanks and kind regards Edmundo
  5. Is there a way to see which theme is installed in REX4? Could not figure it out! Thanks
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