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  1. I can only assume that because the weather error message is generated by FSX, the ErrorLog is not written to. I'm pretty sure the REX green bar said that the weather had been loaded successfully, just before FSX generated the error message.
  2. Thanks for your clarifications. My ErrorLog folder is definitely completely empty (I checked again last night). What would normally be in there?
  3. Hi Galen, Thank you for your reply. 1. That is interesting and good to know, as my ErrorLog folder is empty, so I assume all is OK in this regard (even with FSX/REX not running as administrator). It is possible that I didn't notice the new textures because the flight started with fairly clear weather, plus at the time I think I was probably more concerned with the weather loading error. 2. I am running Windows 7. Again it is good to know that not disabling UAC shouldn't cause any problems. I prefer to leave it on where possible, and it is not nearly as intrusive as it was in Vista, so will leave as it is for now. While it is not particularly important now, as the weather loading error has been resolved, can you offer any insight as to why the textures load fine when not running FSX/REX as administrator, but the weather doesn't? It appears one is reliant on full admin access, while the other one isn't. Again, while it is not important for me now, is there any reason the REX manual doesn't suggest running both programs as administrator? I notice that Windows 8 users are told they must install outside of the Program Files folder (which I assume bypasses the need to run as admin and therefore the need to mention it in the manual), but Windows 7 users could surely be advised that running as administrator is a good alternative to disabling UAC. Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi, Having not used FSX and REX for a number of years, I last night installed FSX and REX Essential+ (latest version available for download from flightsimstore.com). When starting a flight I kept getting "the weather could not be loaded" error message and was not entirely sure the textures had installed properly, as they didn't really look any different to default FSX. After a quick google search, I discovered that setting FSX and REX to run as administrator cured the weather error message, and I was 100% sure the textures were installing properly, as there was a night and day difference visually. Now, having read recommendations in the user manual and forums more carefully, I have also discovered that you recommend disabling UAC - in fact the manual says it MUST be disabled. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could clarify some things for me, bearing in mind both programs are installed in their default folders: 1) Is it possible for REX to give the impression that the textures installed properly when they didn't? Before I enabled both programs to run as administrator, the textures appeared to install fine without any kind of error messages, but there appeared to be no difference visually in flight. 2) Is running both programs as administrator a suitable substitute for disabling UAC (essentially enabling REX to communicate properly with FSX installed in the default Program Files (x86) folder)? If not, what else will disabling UAC allow? FSX and REX appear to be communicating properly after I enabled them to run as administrator. Apologies if I waffled, but I want to be 100% sure that REX is functioning as intended. Thanks, Alex
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