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  1. When will the Rain/Snow actually satisfy?

    WX in the Sim world is like WX in the RW. Just depends on the mood of Old Mother Nature lol. Speaking of that I want a Phase 3 Snow blow in Vegas to last one week. I need entertainment. Cant help it I am Arctic headed and minded.
  2. alienware pc

    Very true about Alienware R4. My son has one and that thing costed me about 5800$ totle. Now my AMD 8 core build I'm working on so far has costed about 750$ and that AMD will smoke the Alienware for lunch using FSX and Prepar3D and it's add-ons. The alienware from what I have observed as my son uses FSX and Prepar3D also has issues in all area's sim related compared to first person shooter or RPG. See a sim computer is best at when it's custom built and tailored to you the sim user. Plus side is you know your machine and can handle, repair and upgrading thus yeilding savings also in long run. Jitter's doing your first build will go away after completing your first build. Please look at others options around before going to Dell for a Sim Computer. Gaming and Sim are two different machines with different needs. I will stress the Sim machine is stronger as it has to manage more then say a First Person Shooter.
  3. If you pass the AF Pilots you'll be coming my way at Randolph AFB. Hope you will find time to sqeeze in some FSX. I do and am a pilot with the USCG Det here at Randolph AFB. It helps relax the nerves. Good luck.
  4. You mean just 7 days ago I could have stopped by Tim and got my copy :lol: Darn.
  5. Prepare 3D addons

    The only known payware 737 made for Prepar3D is the Ifly, All others like PMDG are on the fence and provide no offical support. So Ifly is the only payware with a 737 in three sim platforms. The PMDG NGX does work in Prepar3D, but it takes some knowledge for a manual file structure and placment and editing dll's and config. The pmdg 747 is another tricky critter.
  6. What is this update?

    someone please fix the Northern Lights, it's getting dark up here
  7. Don't Freak Out in that Stall

    What's wrong with the right seat?? Oh wait that's where I sit in the MH65C where opposite of fixed wing.
  8. What if no one guesses correctly on SIMAIR

    All this guessing is making me wonder what is the Air Quality ?
  9. simair

    500 clams
  10. Guess Blanks For SIMAIR

    Oh the torture and fun Excellent job.
  11. What is SimAir?

    If it fixes and enhances the Northern Lights I'll take buy it. FSX does not do a good job at his task, I know. I see them practically every night here in Yellowknife. In the sim nono maybe if lucky 10%. Fs9 does a better job and thats on default.
  12. This is just insane!

    Can I try this Looks thrilling and fun to do in -60F. Beats getting the Winter Blues
  13. Boeing scraps short-haul Dreamliner plans

    I'd say it's due to the huge success of the 737 family. Such the the short range is covered, the money would be in the Medium/Long range area. You'd have a real hard time making money competing against your successful 737's.
  14. LDS 767 with winglets!

    Thank you for the HU. My 767 is awaiting. That just leaves finding a painter. One of our Arctic Airlines took delivery of a 767 not long ago.
  15. Downloading Overdrive right now, Woo Hoo!

    HeHe nailed it at 3.5mbs stable to the end.