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  1. Well, thats how I corrected mine to keep myself a happy flyer. The auto-mode and water have some issues. I can think it will be fixed to be more realistic but at the moment it’s not so it seems. ... maybe a Dev will chime in here and can explain more.
  2. I think you should double check that your switch that allows the water to change in auto mode and make sure it’s switched to off. That way the tweaking you do with the mini UI will stay the same if that switch is set to off and not allowing the water to change... hope that makes sense.
  3. In my best Elvis impersonation... Thank You Very Much ! Thanks for the come-back Tim, means alot for us demanding simmers. To be honest I do not start P3D without EF, its a brilliant program to say the least.
  4. Another great reply Rhett. I concur with it and once again replicates my issues and PTA with understanding just how and if even needed when using EF. But, for now I would be a happier camper if the rolling waves were back.
  5. Hi guys and simply BRILLIANT that this thread has gotten noticed. I just want to say my issues with animated water is as kellyra described to a T. I can only think the developers are more than aware as will... I could be wrong though. I simply love EF and what it does for my simming experience ..,Bravo REX team. Any news on correcting this issue ?
  6. Thanks Greg! I did play around with it which was a learning experience adjusting the different parameters. Still the moving water is not the same using the High setting with the slider as it was without EF. Now I just run the Ultra water setting. I do lots of water landings so the water in the sim is important to me. I guess if you are a high flyer it might not be so important. One thing I did do is shut off the auto water adjustment which changed the water parameters with the weather change. I feel this feature can be improved to give the water a more robust color change. On my rig the water color always is the wrong color blue for my taste using this feature.
  7. I remember reading that the moving water not working issue with set to “ high “ was going to be addressed in the latest update. My water is still not moving set to high... wondering if I am missing something or it will be corrected in a future update? all in all REX team EF is Epic and I can only think will keep evolving.
  8. For me, the update corrected my problems with over bearing bloom and water movement. The Shading is simply awesome for me Those were my only issues. I noticed the difference as soon as the sim started... put a smile on my face. I use SkyForce set in auto and Environment Force is set to auto both installed as stated in the manual
  9. REX Environment Force - Technical Update 1.1 is BRILLIANT... Thanks Guys
  10. I have the same issue / bug I am sure it will get corrected.
  11. Most excellent and thanks for the information 😊
  12. Måste vara nytt för 4.5 med inställningen på ultra med levande vatten och ingenting att göra med EF. Must be something new with the water setting using ultra to see moving water in 4.5 and nothing to do with EF
  13. just wondering if anybody has noticed the water not moving in 4.5 with the slider set to HIGH as it did in 4.4. Setting the water slider up to ULTRA in 4.5 starts it moving. In 4.4 the setting of HIGH the water was moving. The only thing I did was install REX´s Environment Force since the install of 4.5 Thanks for any input here. I have posted this in the Locheed P3D Forums as well.
  14. By tweaking the BloomBlurSigma & ExposureKey in the Mini UI ( As the REX Team says) I was able to simply tone down the brightness to my flight Environment. While flying from Marble Canyon to Sedona and tweaked these two settings in flight with nice results for my liking anyway. Using AutoMode and PTA with REX Beautiful Drama preset . ActiveSky in use and of course SkyForce.
  15. Hi Guys, I just purchased EF from the REX Store and can not find the download link anywhere...HELP! I recieved all three mails about my purchased being complete with serial info, just not where to download the program. Seems I am missing something or Blind, most likley blind
  16. Holy crap Tim, so sorry to hear about the accident but, glad nobody died...life is fragile and can change on a dime!

    When you have the energy tell me about it.


    All is well here in Stockholm and with me and the family. Springtime is almost here and looking forward to feeling its warmth.  

    Will be heading for the USA in June. First stop L.A. Erik, my youngest son who works for DICE will be working at the EA convention and the E3 convention. Should be great fun to get a behind the scenes visit there.  After that off to visit my sister in Temecula before meeting up with Erik again in Las Vegas. He has never been there being over 21 years old...he really is looking forward to it. Three days in Vegas then off to  to visit the grand kids, my oldest  son, and his family in Atlanta for just over a week before heading back to Stockholm.  should be a nice 20 days.


    hope all is going well with the REX business and take care my friend


    I plan on posting another video after writing this and thanks so much for you kind words about my video making...I enjoy doing it.


    / Robert



  17. Most excellent and thanks Tim.
  18. Install the REX4 Texture Direct and Soft Clouds Integration...very cool and thanks. My question is: using the " Random Texture Feature " or " Weather Direct " is there a way that it will only choose Soft Clouds textures for low level clouds? Maybe I just missed a box to be checked or maybe one is in the planing ?
  19. Thanks Tim. I did have a wonderful Christmas time with the family and looking looking forward to the New Year. Hope all is well with you and yours this holiday time.
  20. Will FSWC work in P3Dv2 ? I do have the EMT
  21. Thanks Gets...How long is soon... LOL. I will just pop in REX E its easy to remove once RDW gets released.
  22. Love the new textrures and the environment in P3Dv2 is more than stunning. But, I remove everything REX before installing REX4 and now it just came to me that, I do not have a weather engine installed...Poop. Direct weather, is it like waaaaay in the future or waaaaaay sooner ? ... or maybe just best to re-install REX once again and choose that weather engine ? ...or am I missing something ?
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