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  1. I just installed EF set up a flight from KAVX to L35. I never have had such a immersive flight in all my years with the hobby. I am using auto mode. The only thing I added was the auto texture sync button. Maybe their is a good reason it was set to the off position ? I am using REX Sky-force and a non REX weather engine, PTA and it all gives a Flying Environment like no other. I have noticed that shaders are working non stop when flying in and out of clouds which gives changing shades with the position of the sun and clouds amazing! One can argue that it can get a bit too bright adjusting at times but it is a brilliant program at least for me. Environment Force is the wow factor hands down!
  2. Holy crap Tim, so sorry to hear about the accident but, glad nobody died...life is fragile and can change on a dime!

    When you have the energy tell me about it.


    All is well here in Stockholm and with me and the family. Springtime is almost here and looking forward to feeling its warmth.  

    Will be heading for the USA in June. First stop L.A. Erik, my youngest son who works for DICE will be working at the EA convention and the E3 convention. Should be great fun to get a behind the scenes visit there.  After that off to visit my sister in Temecula before meeting up with Erik again in Las Vegas. He has never been there being over 21 years old...he really is looking forward to it. Three days in Vegas then off to  to visit the grand kids, my oldest  son, and his family in Atlanta for just over a week before heading back to Stockholm.  should be a nice 20 days.


    hope all is going well with the REX business and take care my friend


    I plan on posting another video after writing this and thanks so much for you kind words about my video making...I enjoy doing it.


    / Robert



  3. I am a P3D v2.4 user and the smile on my face will take time to go away. These clouds hug mountains and hills like no other. What a brilliant addition to the REX cloud family. Concerning REX4 I set my low level clouds to 512 I assume this is correct ? I have my high level clouds set to the Max. One more thing: when installing new sets of clouds in REX4 I will need to also use Soft Cloud after? ... BTW very cool about the RexStore.
  4. Thanks for the reply Tim. I will give your suggestion a whril. Now, I need to get this correct. The way I use REX for P3D I simply point to the folder where I have P3D installed. When going back to FSX I change the folder pointing to FSX...is this the correct way to do it. ? Doing your suggestion means I have the folder pointed to FSX then active the DX10 option in for WAVE ANIMATION and install then close REX for FSX. Then point to the folder for P3D and run REX for P3D mark the DX10 option then fly now?
  5. My all time favorite water texture in FSX has always been " Sparkling " now in P3D_V2 it´s too sparkling. Can someone kindly give me a few ideas which ones work well...thanks.
  6. I installed it and it works like a charm...simple as that, thank you so much Doogie.
  7. My expeience with FSRecorder is I need to put it in window mode to start Recording other wise I get that blank screen. Once I start recording I go back to 3D mode it all works great from there. When I stop recording I do not need to task to window mode again, I shut if off from 3D mode. FYI: On my rig FSRecorder works the same with or without REX, I still need to task to window mode not to get that blank screen. Why it could be a REX issue is beyond me.
  8. I hope somebody chimes in here, I have REXE OD. Now, I see as of DEC 6th New Version 3. Is this something different from REXE OD, if so, I will buy it ASAP and is it installed together and or over REXE OD ? sorry for my uncertianty.
  9. With the help of Jesus my FSX is looking and running as I hoped for and more! After using this: http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html and doing a few tweaks in the ATI Control Center I am now impressed with a new FSX and the brilliance of 3D that I´ve never experience before in FSX untill now. Please do not get me wrong, my old system I was very happy with FSX, but with the new Radeon HD 6950 it produces an amazing look to everything and in the HD REX clouds I am smooth sailing through then like never before. ... a BIG Thank You to Bob G. for the link to the Holy Land. FYI: I tested the FPS limiter and the Mod shader file, but removed them...did not help a bit for my Radeon 6950, just made it worse. Now, to some serious installing of addons, one at a time of course and a quick check in FSX for every addon before installing another.
  10. Ok I just got Jesus to do his thing with my CFG, and even downloaded the " FPS limiter " Does anybody have any experience how to use the FPS limiter and how to set it up? I am off to work now, when I get home I will see if FSX has gotton better with the help of Jesus.
  11. I have always ran 4096 texture size with my old system. Now, it does not matter what texture size I run, I still get very poor performance in any size clouds and it gets worse when using real weather. I am going to send my CFG to Jesus he seems to be a wise man and all. ...Bob G., thanks for the link, very kind of you.
  12. well, I meant the main sliders only... I will give your tips a whril, thanks so much. My old system ran REX clouds better at this point.
  13. This system runs FSX very well with clean crisp ground textures and even with the sliders maxed, except for cars and boats. they are set to 10. My HUGE problem accurs when up in the clouds using real weather and then the slide show begins.... :-\ I have REX overdrive installed and running the HD textures. The thing is even when using low end cloud textures the same slide show happens...I hate it to be honest. Does anybody have a fix for this...maybe a setting tweak, but that sounds too easy I think. Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 6850 Series Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0 OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600 Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name GLADIATOR System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model P55-USB3 System Type x64-based PC Processor Intel® Core i5 CPU 760 @ 2.80GHz, 2880 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. F8, 2010-08-10 SMBIOS Version 2.4 Windows Directory C:\Windows System Directory C:\Windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale Sverige Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385" User Name Gladiator\Robert Time Zone W. Europe Standard Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4,00 GB Total Physical Memory 3,99 GB Available Physical Memory 2,63 GB Total Virtual Memory 7,98 GB Available Virtual Memory 6,26 GB Page File Space 3,99 GB Page File D:\pagefile.sys
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