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  1. You have been able to use the product EVERY DAY for the last month. YOU chose to install a Beta test build... You're obviously not Beta Test-ready...
  2. snave


    Read the missives, It's not released yet. Currently in beta testing. Wait...
  3. You can make those changes yourself. Choose lower res textures. I have NO FPS penalty when using high spec textures, so I'm not quite sure what you're own about? And the selection of textures and HDD drive usage is a matter for the individual and their system. Do show the graphs of `resource hungry` things are on your system, which you need to reveal in full if you want advice. It's likely as not to the root cause of YOUR problems.
  4. Logical, but solely from the point of view of a single simmer, with a single sim. You've completely disregarded the simmer who has multiple sims, with different products active in each. For us, the options and variety mean mix'n'match across platforms is considerably easier. Albeit with knowledge of what each REX product does, and more importantly doesn't do... Knowledge of the the product is for the individual, as all our requirements differ. I cannot see how the developer can be expected to know our requirement, unless we are prepared to fill in a form in order to qualify the purchase. As most simmers have difficulty even filling-in a warranty card, that's a forlorn hope. Surely you are not suggesting this should be a developer obligation? Don't you fully research your REX products and how they interact with other REX products and those of other developers, before you make the purchase?
  5. I'm another that doesn't get, do or allow that Twitface rubbish in my home. I also sack employees who use it during working hours. Can we have proper announcements in the correct place in the Support Forums in future please? Faceache comments are meaningless to a customer who comes to the website for updates, news and support.
  6. REX4 Soft Clouds Order no UBULJRCBF FROM REX STORE REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD Order Number: 255061/ The FlightSim Store
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