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  1. Sure do Tim, you have a great New Year coming my friend, I think I could do with a fresh install after a year of Betas going in and out anyway. cheers Iain
  2. Yes Tim that's what was happening so ive bit the bullet and cleaned the registry and uninstalled everything including windows a fresh start for the new year. cheers Iain
  3. Thank you but still no joy in uninstalling I think a full format is in order and start from fresh as I say ive spent just about all day trying to sort out my mistake but with no joy. cheers Iain
  4. Well then chaps ive run into a problem, The drive I had REX 4 on decided to give up the ghost this morning so I fitted another drive I then placed REX 4 on this and installed but I got click happy and ended up installing into my FSX folder now then I try to run the installer again so I can remove REX 4 from here but with no luck it runs says remove then starts but after a good hour it still says prepairing files to remove and that's about it ive tried this many times today but can not remove REX 4 it seems does anybody know how to remove REX 4 and start again from afresh any help gratefully received as ive spent most of today trying and getting nowhere. cheers Iain
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