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  1. For SF - disable the weather engine and make sure the base models and textures are installed.  

    Operating Procedure:

    - Start EF

    - Start AS

    - Start Simulator

    Closing Procedures:

    - Close Simulator

    - Close AS

    - Navigate to Manual Mode in EF and then close EF 

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  2. Thank you for contacting our support team and your inquiry.

    Please uninstall all versions of EF as well as MS Sql Server LocalDB 2016.

    Then download and install this version of MS SQL Server LocalDB 2016:


    Then once complete start your installation of Environment Force, but be sure to skip the installation of SQL Server 2016.

    Let me know how it goes.

  3. Thank you for contacting our support team and for your inquiry.

    Are you using Environment Force in automation mode?  Also, can you provide me with the build # of the version you are using?  (This is found in the Settings->Update Window).

  4. 3 hours ago, musiol1 said:

    Thanks. I will wait for Your response.

    I checked with the QA team and it doesn't seem to be an FSUIPC issue.  I will pushing for a new build of EF for testing ASAP.  I ask that you download and test it when it becomes available.

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