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  1. On 7/15/2018 at 3:13 AM, JPS said:

    I'm Flying the A2A L-049 between roughly YMML and YSSY, and my altimeter is all over the place after weather injection. What exactly did you fix here?

    I fly low. Approx. 2000 feet above ground, on this rout about 6600 above sea level max to get over the mountains.

    So far I've waited 6 months+ for a useable product, and I still don't have it. Kinda like a Tesla Model 3....



    What you are experiencing is an issue with the sim and not REX.  The simulator as a whole does not provide a smooth process to inject weather via weather theme.  To accomplish this you need to go beyond the sim and "hook" into the code.  We have been developing over the past 3 years Weather Force to provide these smooth features.  We will be releasing Weather Force as a free add-on to Sky Force. 

  2. The sim itself does not allow this kind of smoothing injection. This has to be accomplished via "hooking" the code.  We will be releasing Weather Force as a free add-on to Sky Force which accomplishes this function.  This will be included in Creative Update 1 for Sky Force.  

  3. Smooth weather injection will be coming with Weather Force, the free add-on to Sky Force.  This will be included in Creative Update 1.  We do not have an estimated release yet.

    We will be implementing new fixes to the present weather engine in Technical Update 2.1 to help in some way.

  4. Over the past two weekends, we noticed a hiccup with our server.  What would happen is it would just shut down.  We were finally able to isolate the issue and implemented a custom tool to monitor and rapidly fix the issue.  The problem was that it would cause the web service that supplies the weather data to Sky Force to just fail.

    We have found a solution to this and it should be working now.

  5. After reviewing this case the best thing for us to do is bump this issue to Tier 2 support so we can establish a time to do an online session.

    Please contact our Tier 2 support at:  support@rexgamestudios.com

    Please provide the link to this post within your email.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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