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  1. REX SIMAIR STATUS UPDATE: ON HOLD Build: Release Build Update: 10/4/2018 I am sure most are thinking this project is dead. It has been awhile since we have updated the progress of SIMAIR. The state of the project is currently on hold. However, it is still very much alive. We just haven't had the resources or time to put into. The core of our focus has been solely on Sky Force, Weather Force, Environment Force, and Worldwide Airports. However, once we have these projects polished, our focus will move back to SIMAIR. Next Update: Monday, November 26, 2018
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    Thank you Bill. It is a project we really want to see to come to light and we have so many great things planned for it.
  3. REX 1, 2, Essentials (3) - All in One software packages which included weather engine, flight planner, and full set of textures from clouds, sky, water, environment, and airport. ======================================================================================================================================= REX 4 - Shift in development where we broke up the programs into supporting parts (aka "Direct" product line) REX 4 - Texture Direct & REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds (Focus was just on textures) REX 4 - Weather Architect (Focus was on allowing the customer create their own weather scenarios) REX 4 - Weather Direct (Cancelled - but focus was on real-time and archived weather generation) ======================================================================================================================================== REX 5 - Is our flagship product advancements (aka "Force" product line) REX (5) - Sky Force - Redesigned cloud/weather model system with new cloud, sky, environmental textures, effects, and sounds. REX (5) - Weather Force - Redesigned highly advanced weather system/engine (free add-on) for REX Sky Force (In Development) REX (5) - Environment Force - (In Testing) Other products in development at this time.
  4. REX PRODUCTS - PREPAR3D V4.4 COMPATIBILITY CHART The following REX products are compatible with PREPAR3D v4.4: REX 5 - Sky Force - YES REX 5 - Worldwide Airports - YES REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced Edition - YES REX 4 - Soft Clouds - YES REX 4 - Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition - YES REX/MilViz WX Advantage Radar - YES
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    How is it bad news. The project isn't cancelled just delayed until we can give it the attention we need to give it.
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    REX SIMAIR STATUS DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: DELAYED Build: Release Build Date: 2/13/2019 STATUS: The Past... Thank you, everyone, for their patience with this project. The SIMAIR project has been a personal bitter/sweet experience. Sweet in that we are very excited about what this project has to offer. We have often felt that the goal of SIMAIR was to be a bridge between flight simulation and a better sense of reality. However, it has been bitter in that we have had to continually put the project on the back burner due needs in other areas of our business. SIMAIR's goal was to be a simulation within itself. Thus, this project has had some very ambitious goals. The Present... As you know we had a meeting in early February 2019 to discuss the feasibility of the project and whether we should continue or just scrap the project. The core of our business has dominated much of our time and left us with very little time to progress in development. Once we felt ready to jump in development something would require our attention elsewhere. Like I stated this is a VERY AMBITIOUS project. So it demands our fullest of attention. All of us in our meeting agreed that SIMAIR must be built. That SIMAIR fits perfectly into our vision for 2019 and beyond for REX Simulations. The Future... However, we have delayed development until Q2 2019. Our focus right now is to complete 3 key projects associated with the "FORCE" line of products: Sky Force - Technical Update 2.1, Sky Force - Creative Update 1, Environment Force, and Weather Force. We feel as a company that once Q2 arrives we will be in a better position to move forward with this project with more focus and determination. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, APRIL 1, 2019
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    Thank you for your interest in what REX is doing. We have been investigating several different approaches to XP. One thing that we are monitoring closely is their transition to a different rendering platform. So if we were develop something now it is possible when we release it would be rendered obsolete. That would be very costly. So we are in "loose" communication with LM to discuss our future opportunities. I can assure you we plan to support XP, but time wise we do not have an answer at this time that we can make public yet.
  8. REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS UPDATE: ON HOLD BUILD: Creative Update 1 DATE: 2/12/2018 STATUS: Development is currenlty on hold until after the release of Environment Force and Sky Force Technical Update 2.1. NEXT UPDATE: TBD
  9. REX WORLDWIDE AIRPORTS HD - STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE 6/20/2018 - We had to make some modifications to the enhanced airport's textures for KSLC. We will be implementing these in the next build for testing. This should be our last testing cycle before release. We hope to have this build for testing available to the beta team by Friday or Monday.
  10. REX SKY FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG BUILD: Technical Update 2.1 DATE: 2/11/2018 STATUS: Technical Update 2.1 We have compiled our test results from our first cycle of testing of Technical Update 2.1. We are very grateful for the results from both our QA Team and Insiders. This first cycle was focused mostly on the mapping system and weather engine. A more extensive build will be released "hopefully" this week. This will start our official Alpha testing cycle with our QA team as well with our Insider Program members. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2019
  11. Hello Everyone - The following items have been identified to be included for the fix list for Technical Update 2.1: SETTINGS - Fix max/min visibility sliders not enabled after P3Dv4 volumetric fog turned off - Validate min altitude feature - Add initial weather engine start-up slider - Make PFPX export a manual setting STARTUP - Change core texture/model install to a minimum level and not high level SOUND - Fix precipitation sound files INSIM BRIEFING - Fix the flight plan import as overriding the current location of the report INSYNC - Fix issue with the CTD associated with in-sync cloud WEATHER ENGINE - Replace the P3Dv4.0 simconnect DLL to P3Dv4.1 version INTERACTIVE MAP - Fix the CTD of the application when some users right-click on the map - Fix issue with the map showing black with some users Additional fix items may be added later.
  12. REX ENVIRONMENT FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE BUILD: Release Build DATE: 2/12/2018 STATUS: We have completed 2 additional cycles of testing since our last post. We will be performing "likely" our last cycle of testing this week and next. If successful we will be able to move to the Pre-Deployment Phase. Our focus during these past tests/fixes has been fine tuning the Automation piece of the software. This area is continually improving as we hear feedback from our QA Team. Stay tuned... NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2018
  13. Take a small look at what Environment Force is all about during an interview with AirdailyX. - Future in the Environment!
  14. I am very sorry for the confusion it causes. From now on I will not state the PB version.
  15. I am sorry for the confusion. Anything that is listed as a Technical Update is generally an update that includes just fix items. A Creative Update is a major update, upgrade, or enhancement. Technical Update 2.1 - is currently being tested by our Insider Program group and our QA Testers. These are left over fixes that have been reported since 2.0 was released. Creative Update 1 - is our very major update. This will include a lot of new features as well as include the Weather Force add-on. Our rebuilt weather engine that includes smoothing. This is presently in development.
  16. I am not sure where you got that Technical Update 2.1 will not be coming out from my comments above. PB1.1 is (Public Beta 1.1), this is the Insider Build we will be providing next week to the Insiders and to our QA team. Our internal testing of PB1.0 ends Thursday so we will take the feedback we received and add those items to the fix list. As I have stated before that Sky Force will be closely tied to Environment Force so that is the main reason why Technical Update 2.1 has been delayed in the past.
  17. PB1.1 is being worked on, and we hope to have a new build early next week for the Insiders and QA Team. Our final testing internally on PB1.0 closes tomorrow.
  18. REX SKY FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG BUILD: Technical Update 2.1 DATE: 1/28/2018 STATUS: Technical Update 2.1 The current build (PB1.0) that is with the Insider Program and QA Team is not the full build of Technical Update 2.1, because we have focused mainly on two areas: Weather Engine improvements and Mapping performance issues. Feedback has been good so far, but there are some rendering issues that we will be working for the next build for testing (PB1.1). We will be also including some additional fixes with the next build. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2019
  19. REX ENVIRONMENT FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG PHASE BUILD: Release Build DATE: 1/28/2018 STATUS: Foxtrot cycle of testing was delayed to this week due to initial testing of the new build of Sky Force. If we have any major changes or issues I will update the post prior to the 11th. Otherwise we are hoping this will be the last cycle of testing before we start Pre-Deployment. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2018
  20. REX SKY FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEBUG BUILD: Technical Update 2.1 DATE: 1/23/2018 STATUS: Technical Update 2.1 We are happy to say that we have officially released a test version of Technical Update 2.1 to our QA Testers as well as our Insider Program. This is an incremental update to focus testing on the weather engine and mapping system performance. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, JANUARY 28 , 2019
  21. Environment Force will be limited to Prepar3D v 4 at this time.
  22. WX ADVANTAGE RADAR STATUS UPDATE: RELEASED Build: Technical Update 6 Update: 1/14/2018 Technical Update 6 has been officially released. You may download and install the full version from the link below: NEXT UPDATE: NONE
  23. WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT PHASE 6/27/2018 - Final development of the update of the WX radar for Prepar3Dv4.3 is being completed. We will keep you advised as to when it will be in testing as well as released to the public.
  24. REX SKY FORCE STATUS UPDATE: DEVELOPMENT BUILD: Technical Update 2.1, Creative Update 1 DATE: 1/14/2018 STATUS: Technical Update 2.1 We are progressing in our development. We hope to be releasing several unit tests of Technical Update 2.1 to the Insider Program as well as our Quality Assurance Team within the next several days. Creative Update 1 This update is progressing along. We have some really cool stuff we are working on. We look forward to sharing once we get Technical Update 2.1 released. NEXT UPDATE: MONDAY, JANUARY 28 , 2019