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    BUILD: Technical Update 2.1
    DATE: 3/11/2018    

    Our team is preparing Technical Update 2.1 for the QA Team and Insider team.  Testing will begin Tuesday, March 12th.

    We consider this to be a release type candidate, but we do expect to get one or two cycles of testing.

    The focus of Technical Update 2.1 has been mostly on the weather engine, a few additional features, code fixes, and performance adjustments.  A more detailed list of fixes will be provided prior to release.

    BUILD: Release Build
    DATE: 3/11/2018    

    Our QA Team completed the India Cycle of testing and there were very few issues this time.  We will be performing one more cycle, but expect this to be the final cycle of testing.

    We expect to be into Pre-Deployment Phase by next week.

  3. Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I'm sorry you are experiencing issues, however, please provide us with your order number for REX Sky Force 3D and where it was purchased. Place that in your signature so we may verify you.

    If you have any questions about why we ask this, please reference the following thread: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36479-support-verification/

    Once this has been completed and you are verified, a member of our team will assist you. Thank you in advance.

  4. On 3/2/2019 at 12:06 AM, vesku_63 said:

    rstough says: We will have a small build to push out this week . And  I ask when? Now Saturday morning (Finland) and the week ends.



    Guys, we know that you have been more than patient.  This has been a very difficult year trying to get things with 2 major products in development.  But I think we are close to getting back to a more regular release pattern.  The structure we needed to have last year is now in place so it is easing things.

  5. On 2/26/2019 at 6:06 AM, Lucaat said:

    Would this also be a Network where you see the other traffic with models? or is it meant to be just a sort of economy simulator around flying?

    Thank you for your question.  This is an idea we are thinking about, but maybe in an update.  This would involve a lot of work and we do not want to delay this anymore than what we have.

  6. On 2/26/2019 at 12:45 AM, 0Artur0 said:

    How long do you think "Deployment Phase" will last?

    Deployment phase is not very long, but we are not quite there yet.  We need to make one more cycle of testing.  There were just too many hiccups and some changes we needed to make.

    BUILD: Technical Update 2.1
    DATE: 2/25/2018
    Technical Update 2.1 

    Our next build for the Insider and QA team has been slightly delayed do the amount of feedback we received from testing with PB1.0.  We have compiled the updated list and have been working on the next build.

    We will have a small build to push out this week and a larger build soon after that for testing.

    Also, due to possible confusion we will no longer be using PBX.X as an additional code.  PB used to stand for Public Beta.  This doesn't fall within our standards anymore so we will be changing to the codes IB = Insider Build (Insider testing team),  QB = Quality Assurance Build (internal testing team).

  8. 3 hours ago, mgculver said:

    Hi Guys.


    I'm sure this has been asked numerous times but I can't find a direct answer to the question.

    Does SF 3D replace all the other REX products - I.E. ESS, Texture Direct, Weather Architect, Soft Clouds etc.

    If so, should these products be uninstalled before installing SF3D?

    Yes/No response is fine.



    Mike -

    Thank you for your inquiry about these products. 

    REX Sky Force core focus has been to replace the core cloud modeling system within FSX and P3D.  Which includes improved cloud textures, sky textures, lightning effects, and sounds.  It does not replace any airport textures or water textures.  So you can use Texture Direct and Essentials for Airport or Water.

    Soft Clouds is no longer useful if you are moving to the new cloud system by Sky Force.

    REX Weather Architect only supports up to P3D v3.  It is a custom weather creation tool, not a weather engine.


    REX Sky Force - New weather and cloud systems (We will be adding a new advanced weather engine with Weather Force soon)

    REX Worldwide Airports - This replaces all airport textures of previous products and will be continued updated 

  9. On 2/13/2019 at 12:53 PM, billkirk888 said:

    Thank you for a detailed update.  Although l admit, not the update I was hoping for, an update nonetheless.  I'm glad to hear there is continued interest in moving forward.  Thank you for providing an understanding of priorities and decisions affecting delays.  Although some may not agree, at least you have given logical explanation of your direction.


    Much Appreciated.


    Thank you Bill.  It is a project we really want to see to come to light and we have so many great things planned for it.

  10. REX 1, 2, Essentials (3) - All in One software packages which included weather engine, flight planner, and full set of textures from clouds, sky, water, environment, and airport.


    REX 4 - Shift in development where we broke up the programs into supporting parts (aka "Direct" product line)

    REX 4 - Texture Direct & REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds (Focus was just on textures)

    REX 4 - Weather Architect (Focus was on allowing the customer create their own weather scenarios)

    REX 4 - Weather Direct (Cancelled - but focus was on real-time and archived weather generation)


    REX 5 - Is our flagship product advancements (aka "Force" product line)

    REX (5) - Sky Force - Redesigned cloud/weather model system with new cloud, sky, environmental textures, effects, and sounds.  

    REX (5) - Weather Force - Redesigned highly advanced weather system/engine (free add-on) for REX Sky Force (In Development)

    REX (5) - Environment Force - (In Testing)

    Other products in development at this time.


    Build: Release Build
    Date: 2/13/2019


    The Past...

    Thank you, everyone, for their patience with this project.  The SIMAIR project has been a personal bitter/sweet experience.  Sweet in that we are very excited about what this project has to offer.  We have often felt that the goal of SIMAIR was to be a bridge between flight simulation and a better sense of reality.  However, it has been bitter in that we have had to continually put the project on the back burner due needs in other areas of our business.

    SIMAIR's goal was to be a simulation within itself.  Thus, this project has had some very ambitious goals.

    The Present...

    As you know we had a meeting in early February 2019 to discuss the feasibility of the project and whether we should continue or just scrap the project.  The core of our business has dominated much of our time and left us with very little time to progress in development.  Once we felt ready to jump in development something would require our attention elsewhere.

    Like I stated this is a VERY AMBITIOUS project.  So it demands our fullest of attention.

    All of us in our meeting agreed that SIMAIR must be built.  That SIMAIR fits perfectly into our vision for 2019 and beyond for REX Simulations.  

    The Future...

    However, we have delayed development until Q2 2019.  Our focus right now is to complete 3 key projects associated with the "FORCE" line of products:  Sky Force - Technical Update 2.1, Sky Force - Creative Update 1, Environment Force, and Weather Force.

    We feel as a company that once Q2 arrives we will be in a better position to move forward with this project with more focus and determination.


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  12. Thank you for your interest in what REX is doing.  We have been investigating several different approaches to XP.  One thing that we are monitoring closely is their transition to a different rendering platform.  So if we were develop something now it is possible when we release it would be rendered obsolete.  That would be very costly.  So we are in "loose" communication with LM to discuss our future opportunities.

    I can assure you we plan to support XP, but time wise we do not have an answer at this time that we can make public yet.

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  13. On 2/6/2019 at 10:17 PM, vesku_63 said:

    @rstough Thank you for your clarification. But sometimes I wonder when an update on the page sections comes with strange number / letter combinations and when no one explains it in more detail, it becomes a feeling that expectation is going on and the ready will never come. :(


    I am very sorry for the confusion it causes.  From now on I will not state the PB version.

  14. On 2/6/2019 at 9:11 AM, Danutzzz said:


    Ok, so I'm a little confused about the updates. My question is: What update will contain the Smooth Weather Transition, and when (approximately) it will be released?



    I am sorry for the confusion.

    Anything that is listed as a Technical Update is generally an update that includes just fix items.  A Creative Update is a major update, upgrade, or enhancement.  

    Technical Update 2.1 - is currently being tested by our Insider Program group and our QA Testers.  These are left over fixes that have been reported since 2.0 was released.

    Creative Update 1 - is our very major update.  This will include a lot of new features as well as include the Weather Force add-on.  Our rebuilt weather engine that includes smoothing.  This is presently in development.

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  15. 8 hours ago, vesku_63 said:

    rstough said that: Feedback has been good so far, but there are some issues that we will be working on for the next build (PB1.1). We will also have some additional fixes with the next build.

    Does this mean that the 2.1 update does not come out at all, when there is ever new need for upgrading and starting new ?????????

    The date just goes on to the future. Incredible.

    maybe this message will be deleted when the censorship strikes.

    and 4 days went already?


    I am not sure where you got that Technical Update 2.1 will not be coming out from my comments above.  PB1.1 is (Public Beta 1.1), this is the Insider Build we will be providing next week to the Insiders and to our QA team.  Our internal testing of PB1.0 ends Thursday so we will take the feedback we received and add those items to the fix list.

    As I have stated before that Sky Force will be closely tied to Environment Force so that is the main reason why Technical Update 2.1 has been delayed in the past.  

    BUILD: Technical Update 2.1
    DATE: 1/28/2018
    Technical Update 2.1 
    The current build (PB1.0) that is with the Insider Program and QA Team is not the full build of Technical Update 2.1, because we have focused mainly on two areas:  Weather Engine improvements and Mapping performance issues.

    Feedback has been good so far, but there are some rendering issues that we will be working for the next build for testing (PB1.1).  We will be also including some additional fixes with the next build.

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