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  1. i can not istall REX at all have tride every thing c\REX no go it just will not install  

  2. Bonjour;

    J'ai acheté REX Skyforce 3D via Simmarket, et téléchargé avec IDM, mais impossible de l'instaler j'ai le message suivant :"This package can only be run from a bootsrapper".

    J'ai envoyé plusieurs messages au support de REX qui sont restés sans solution et ils mon aressé à vous.

    J'espère que vous avez la solution car c'esr très dommageable.


  3. INQUIRY The dreaded 8 second freeze

    Is this during the weather injection process?
  4. Were you able to obtain your order?
  5. Were you able to get this resolved?
  6. Release late tonight or tomorrow morning 

  7. INQUIRY lost the name reseller

    Thanks Bob for helping on this.
  8. ANSWERED World Wide Airports HD for P3Dv4

    In short - we are having to redo ALL textures so that they work with P3Dv4. Right now there are issues with the lighting that is causing problems. We cannot allow that to go out like that. It took us a year to develop all of Worldwide Airports, so it will take some time. Thank you for your patience in this as we try to get this updated.
  9. ANSWERED ENB Natural

    The free material has been removed for now as we optimize our forum. Most of this material is rather old now and not much use.
  10. ANSWERED Best compression for the TD textures

    Thank you for your great question. DXT5 is better optimized for use than the native 32bit.
  11. Welcome to the REX Forum.
  12. INQUIRY REX Product Relationship/Interaction

    Thank you for your inquiry. Let me answer the easiest question first: 1.) REX does not conflict with ORBX in any way so you are safe there. Here is an updated link to active REX products and what they do. It would be best to see what each has to offer.

    All PTA presets have been updated to support P3D v4.1 and the latest version of PTA.
  14. INQUIRY REX Preferred

    First, please accept my apologies for the VERY late reply. The current products that work with Prepar3D v4+ are: REX Soft Clouds - Many a 3D cloud texture replacement tool that create a more volumetric feel REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition - Includes soft clouds as well as 2gigs + of new material specific to enhancing the look of P3Dv4+ We will be releasing REX Sky Force and REX Environment Force soon that will change the way the entire weather system works. This will be the most robust advancement in environmental effects on P3D.