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  1. Hi, Our plan is to incorporate historical weather in a major version update.
  2. Hi JB, just post away, and just post your best only
  3. Hi @deepdiver8055 Per the TOC, we (judges) are editing all posts and keeping the best of each of the submissions. Also, we are merging each members' threads into one.
  4. Hi @Jak525 thank you for your feedback here. We have updated quite a bit since the original version, and have a more complete HDR and lighting algorithm ready for our next update. This will be officially released this coming week. Thank you.
  5. Hi Nick, You're all taken care of. Thank you for posting the information.
  6. It is not ok to post your serial number in public view. I have edited your post. Post your order number, not serial number for verification. Thanks.
  7. Hi @t-c thank you for your kind words and thanks for supporting our efforts, which allows us to keep innovating and pushing forward. We are truly grateful to you for choosing us, and our achievements wouldn't be possible without your support!
  8. Hi Wain, You have Texture Direct which gives a lot of choices not only for water colors and tropical reefs, but also includes different wave animations as well. EF also allows you to change things, and if you haven't tried that, I would suggest you try that. Sky Force doesn't include water manipulation.
  9. Hi Chris, welcome back to simming We also upgraded your REX Texture Direct to the Enhanced Edition. That is free. REX Sky Force 3D would overwrite pretty much everything except for water and airport environments. BUT it's a huge upgrade visually from what you currently have. Environment Force does work with TD, but make sure you read the EF product page to understand it's full scope. Actually I would advise reading all the product pages so you have an understanding of what each does. If you would like to talk about this subject with me personally via voice, feel free to send me a private message here on the forum.
  10. Hi, REX4 TD w/SC EE contains Soft Clouds. So if you purchased this you could uninstall Soft Clouds from your computer. Though our latest offering is Sky Force 3D so you will have to weigh what you are really looking for in your next product.
  11. Welcome to the REX Environment Force Screenshot & Video Contest! SPONSORS REX Simulations, Honeycomb Aeronautical and Carenado WHERE All videos and screenshots shall be posted or linked here in this forum. WHEN Starts: June 10th Closing Date: June 24th Winners Announced: June 29th (During the next REX Twitch Livestream) TERMS AND CONDITIONS You must be a verified member of the REX Community and Support Forum. Must have a verified license of REX Environment Force. You must use REX Environment Force in your presentation. You must provide credit to REX Environment Force on the video submission. We reserve the right to moderate all submissions in respect to our efforts to efficiently manage and maintain the contest. PRIZES Best Video One (1) FREE Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Flight Control Yoke & Switch System* One (1) FREE REX product of your choosing One (2) FREE Carenado aircraft of your choosing Best Screenshot One (1) $75.00** One (1) FREE REX product of your choosing One (1) FREE Carenado aircraft of your choosing * Yoke currently in production. Available 9/19 (available date subject to change) ** Payable through PayPal INELIGIBLE PARTIES Employees of REX Simulations Any person or entity that is associated with REX Simulations via contract: 3rd-party developers, beta testers or partners REX Simulations is not responsible for reporting gifts to the winners appropriate governmental tax revenue organization. REX Simulations is not responsible for winner email notifications being lost or deleted. If sufficient proof of the validity of the order number for REX Environment Force is not provided, the winner will forfeit winnings to the next eligible winner. Content will be judged by REX Simulations employees.
  12. Hi, I cannot locate the order number you posted. Please check that and let me know. If you need further help, please send me a private message here on our forum. Thank you.
  13. Hi, If you need assistance with a product, please post in the proper area of our forum. This is a verification thread only. Thank you.
  14. Hi, Which REX product is this order number for?
  15. Hi, your key has been reset. In the future, please don't use this thread or Facebook as a source for support.
  16. Hi @ZKIWI Thank you for your kind words and support for our products. I'm happy to know you're enjoying! Cheers
  17. Hi @SaltLife please see your following post https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/51900-program-doesn’t-start/
  18. Hi, This is not a valid order number from FSS.
  19. I want to remind folks that this is not a support thread. Post any issues you have in the proper area of our forum. Thank you.
  20. Was fixed in our latest Sky Force update that was released.
  21. Awesome to hear guys, thanks for posting and nice shots
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