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  1. Support Verification

    Hi, This has been taken care of. Please accept my apology, I don't know how this got overlooked.
  2. We are assessing the the contributing factors from the Insider Program members and will be reaching out to the ones who have contributed testing feedback on a regular basis and offering permanent positions in our official beta team.
  3. Support Verification

    Hi, Please check the order number and try again. This one comes back as invalid. Thank you.
  4. Support Verification

    I sent you a private message here on our forum, please respond there. Thank you.
  5. Support Verification

    Hi, You weren't verified, until just now. Also, you cannot download your software here on our forum, you download it where you originally purchased it. In your case, the flightsimstore.com Cheers.
  6. REXPLANE Who's going to fsexpo

    We are!
  7. Support Verification

    Thank you! You're all set.
  8. Support Verification

    Hi, Where was this purchased?
  9. Thanks Bob, I wonder where the original link went. Must have been wiped when we transferred over to IPB forum software.
  10. Hi, Where did you come upon this actual link? I tried the same url as you and received the same message.
  11. Support Verification

    Hi, This order comes back as invalid. Please contact me in private through our forum mail. Thank you.
  12. ANSWERED Dumb PTA - Reshade Question

    Hi, It's not a dumb question, feel free to ask or you'll never know. PTA tweaks your simulator shaders to perform it's functions. REX software does not. At least not yet PTA can be used with REX and/or Reshade. Reshade is a post-processing tool that doesn't touch your simulator shaders and can be applied with or without PTA and/or REX. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.
  13. Support Verification

    Thank you, you are all verified.
  14. Support Verification

    Hi Tony, which store is this order from?