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  1. Hi, Please fill out the following form so that we expedite your serial key reset: Click to open a Tier 2 serial key support ticket
  2. Hi Sanal, You need to look into which shader tool you're using and see what's been changed in regards to cloud rendering. What I see in this picture has nothing to do with Sky Force influence.
  3. How many items reside in this folder location? YOUR SIMULATOR/Weather/Clouds
  4. This item has been closed without a resolve or confirmation of resolve by the customer.
  5. Randy, thank you for your investigation! I have forwarded this to our developers and is marked now as a fix item.
  6. We are investigating that, thank you for your input.
  7. Very strange, because I watch it deleted on both start and shutdown... go figure At any rate, please see my post above in regards to Tier 2.
  8. To all having this issue of the shaders NOT clearing upon EF closing, Please fill out the following form so that we expedite your support item: Click to open a Tier 2 support ticket
  9. You can't close the mini-UI, you can only minimize it. Look in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, click that and it reappears.
  10. Hi Michael, Please get in touch with @fs1 (REX Developer) he would like to assist more closely with you.
  11. @fs1 has been in communication with Dan, and awaiting Dan to test and report back.
  12. I have @fs1 and @rstough looking into this. Thanks!
  13. So when everything is done and said, there are shader cache entries in that main SHADERS folder?
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