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  1. Support Verification

    Hi, which product?
  2. Support Verification

    Hi, which product?
  3. The light maps are treated differently.
  4. Support Verification

    You're very welcome.
  5. Support Verification

    Scroll to the top of this screen. You see that word FOLLOW in the upper right hand side? Click that and set your preference to this topic. You somehow "followed" this content.
  6. Support Verification

    Hi, Which product, which store?
  7. Support Verification

    Hi, where was this purchased?
  8. CLOSED Steam support?

    Please start your own post in the Sky Force forum.
  9. I can't remember It's one of our PTA's from Sky Force though. Try one, you might like it.
  10. Support Verification

    Hi, This information you provide is for the purchase of the use of P3D within REX Essential. Please provide the order number (not serial number), and store REX Essential was purchased at. In the meantime, I have verified your account here for your REX Worldwide Airports purchase.
  11. Ouch! The shader tweak you're using is really darkening that up quite a bit.
  12. Support Verification

    Hi, I verified you for your Texture Direct order from FS Pilotshop, however the number you posted for Worldwide Airports is incorrect for that store.
  13. Hi, You have to download the REX software from the store where you originally purchased. If you are having trouble with that, send me a private message here on the forum. Thank you.
  14. Support Verification

    Mark, The information you provided is for an in-app purchase for P3D access from an old version of REX Essential from 2012. We will need the order number and where the original REX Essential application was purchased from. I have checked multiple stores we work with and could not locate any order information. Contact me via private mail here on the forum so we can try and assist. Thank you.