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  1. timest999

    Support Verification

    Please contact me via private mail here on our forum so we can assist you. Thank you.
  2. timest999

    ANSWERED REX Essential+overdrive

    Hallo, bitte kontaktiere mich per Mail hier in unserem Forum um dir zu helfen das sortiert zu bekommen.
  3. timest999

    Support Verification

    Which REX product and which store was it purchased at?
  4. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about this issue. This is the verification area of our forum and you are now verified. Please post your issue in the WorldWide Airports area of the forum here: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/forum/201-rex-worldwide-airports-hd/ Thank you.
  5. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, I searched our sales database from PCA, however I was unable to locate the order number you posted. Please send me a private message here on the forum so we can resolve this. Thank you.
  6. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, Please contact me via Private Mail here on our forum in regards to SimPlanet purchase(s). Thank you!
  7. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, Which REX product is this for?
  8. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hola, una vez que publiques tu número de pedido de REX4 (NO número de serie) y la tienda de compra, podemos ayudarte. Gracias.
  9. timest999

    CLOSED My Overcast density is not working.

    Hi, The order number you posted in the verification topic is not correct. Also, I have tried looking up your email, which was unsuccessful as well. Contact me via private mail here on our forum for further assistance. Thank you.
  10. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, That is an incorrect order number. I have also tried looking up your email, which was unsuccessful as well. Contact me via private mail here on our forum for further assistance. Thank you.
  11. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, We couldn't locate this order number at SimMarket. Which product is this for? Thank you.
  12. timest999

    Support Verification

    Things should be working again folks as of a few hours ago. It was a server glitch. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep in mind, we do have a server update and outage expected for tomorrow (Monday), starting at 18Z and ending 21Z.
  13. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, yes it was our server. It's now fixed, sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. timest999

    ANSWERED Thanks for Sky Force 3D

    Hi Bob, Thank you for your kind words sir, and your continued support of our products! Sky Force received the Platinum Award in the latest PC Pilot publication. Great review in there from Jessica Bannister-Pearce.
  15. timest999

    ANSWERED SKYFORCE Could not verify Serial number

    Server glitch was fixed 30 minutes ago, sorry for the inconvenience. Please advise if all is ok now. Also, please see the following thread for product verification and support: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36479-support-verification/& Thank you.