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  1. Hi, This is not a support thread of any kind. If you have issues with any of our software, please open a new post in the proper area of our forum. Thank you.
  2. timest999


    This is not a wide-spread issue for all, however it's being looked at for the upcoming update. Again, not a wide-spread issue for all and is being looked at for the upcoming update. We are incorporating Weather Force INTO Sky Force for free which accomplishes smooth weather updates. But you already knew this. Not a wide-spread issue, and we're still looking into this. If we can track it down, we will include it in the upcoming update. Sorry, but this is NOT a valid argument. Especially considering the quality of our content. This has been a KNOWN issue since FSX came on the scene, as the sim engine runs multiple rendering passes during these times of days. I have already discussed this with you. One thing to try is setting TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE to 256 in the Prepar3D.cfg file to see if this helps.
  3. timest999

    CLOSED Product Support

    I would suggest keeping this support item via the protocol where it's being conducted, whether it's email, store etc. I see Reed has emailed you on December 10th asking you to provide him serial keys etc. Since then, there have been no responses from you. Our Tier 2 support is conducted through support@rexgamestudios.com
  4. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, This is a verification thread only. Please post your support question in the proper REX product category in our forum. Thank you.
  5. timest999

    Support Verification

    ...and which was completed the day you posted on November 23rd.
  6. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, Our moderator has removed your serial key information from your post. That is private information and not to be used in public view. We only ask for order number, not serial number. I have located your order via your email address and have since verified your account here. Thank you.
  7. timest999

    ANSWERED SF3D random themes

    Hi Wain, We are looking into doing this for an upcoming update. If you're happy with what you currently have installed, it's not necessary to install textures and/or models each time you fly.
  8. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, You're order number is for the REX/Milviz WX Advantage Radar, not REX4 You're now verified for that.
  9. timest999

    CLOSED Product Support

    Dave, yes these are valid emails. I don't know what to say in regards to the messages.
  10. timest999

    Support Verification

    Not odd at all, considering since we have implemented this we have cut back tremendously on supporting software pirates, which translates into more time planning and developing. At any rate, you are now verified.
  11. timest999

    CLOSED Product Support

    Hi, We sent a response on December 10th. Did you not receive it? Please check your spam or junk folder.
  12. timest999

    Support Verification

    Hi, The verification process is not an automated process. It is done by a human that cross-checks each request. You are now verified. Thank you.
  13. Hi, There is no need to reinstall them.