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  1. Hi Kelton, Where was this number acquired from?
  2. Hi Chris, go for REXWWA. This is a full airport replacement add-on, unlike Essential.
  3. Lou, this is a very old thread and things have changed since with updates etc. If you are having an issue, please post in the proper area of the forum and we will assist you. Topic locked.
  4. Hi James, welcome to the forum! In order to become a verified member and access the full support forum, you must present a REX product and a valid order number.
  5. Hi Dan, This thread is for verification purposes only. Please post your issue in the Worldwide Airports area of our forum.
  6. Please don't post your serial number in public. We only ask for the order number or order ID.
  7. You're entitled to your opinion Tom. I feel confident in our highly capable and experienced team of coders and artists.
  8. To verify your account here we need to know which product(s), order number(s) (not serial number) and where the purchase(s) were made.
  9. Yes true. You have been verified. No need for you to post further in this thread unless you need to verify another order. Not finding the ENB has nothing to do with your verification status, rather the forums have been restructured. The free section has been disconnected along with some other areas until further notice.

    Hi, Most likely errant REX files that were never fully downloaded correctly via GetRightToGo. They can be removed.
  11. CLOSED

    Hi M- Thanks for posting. You are now verified and have full access to the support forums. Cheers!

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Please provide us with your order number for REX4 and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so we may verify you. If you have any questions in why we ask this, please reference the following thread: Once this has been completed and you are verified, a member of our team will assist you. Thank you in advance.