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  1. Thanks worked like a charm.
  2. I have same problem. Then EF starts and takes for ever to load. I then input my login and serial number. It then does the file back up. I get to a point of selecting easy or manual. But then it's all locked up. Not to mention It took 1 hour to get to that point.
  3. Thanks. Issue is it is running but really slow and can not get past back up of files. It took 1 hour for it to get to file backup and once finished it shows on top that its done but can not do any thing and its frozen.
  4. So its been two days since I got REX skyforce 3d and environment Force. REX sky force works great but I can not for the life of me get EF to work. I have reinstalled windows, I turned off UAC and firewalls and every thing that is suggested. When right clicking and starting it nothing happens for like 5 minutes. But it is showing in the task manager as running but only has 30mb ram usage and nothing else. Then it will all of a sudden show a splash screen and then load and disappear. I don't even get to input my serial number nothing. adding this as when typing this it popped up asking me for my serial number ect ect. But when I hit next it just loads and windows show it as not responding.
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