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  1. At this moment I'm doing a DAY -> NIGHT flight but everything looks good. Reading other people having the same problem I think the issue comes out when you start a flight at night. I'll try as soon as I can. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I just experienced the same problem. Started a flight at night and when I noticed that at 6.30 everything was pitch black I touched the TIME PREVIEW and everything went back to normal. Today I just reinstalled Sky Force 3D because I realized I was on a 2018 version, but I didn't touch EV in any way. Using Sky Force 3D + EV (PTA) + ASP4, everything is up to date. I remember in my previous flight I the DAY -> NIGHT cycle was fine. This last flight was the first I did in a long time starting at night, so it was a first for me. Thanks. EDIT: I'm still doing the same flight at this moment. The sun still doesn't move, as if the time of day has freezed. Touching the TIME PREVIEW again fixes the problem but time (on the environment) doesn't progress. The only thing I did was messing with TIME PREVIEW at the beginning of the flight because I couldn't find some knobs on the cockpit (PMDG 737) in the pitch dark. I don't exclude it is a TIME PREVIEW bug, because it really never happened to me. On the other hand I only did 3 flights with EF, so I cannot see if EV is the culprit or not, too few samples
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