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  1. After contacts with the support team and personal investigation, I come out with the solution. If you happen to have only FSX-SE installed, like is in my case, just indicates in the setting tab that you are using FSX version (not the steam).This will correctly point to the appdata/roaming folder that is named only fsx and copy a necessary XML file that vehicle models needs. I have noticed this was already an issue highlighted in 2016 and I am a bit surprised that it was not yet solved. IN any case, the present message I have marked as SOLVED.
  2. Hi, I have just purchased WAHD and installed with success. The only issue I notice is that the pushback vehicle not being updated (they still show the default ones). I am not using GSX and I have checked the install log file and everything seems ok (attached). I have browsed past discussion and it looks the problem might be an incorrect LWcfg.xml (my guessing). Any help is appreciated. Many thanks installmodellog.txt
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