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  1. @rstough, I'm not running this on a networked setup. Thanks
  2. Hi @timest999, That is correct. Only Windows Defender, which I believe has an exclusion for the REX Modules directory.
  3. Hi @rstough, The latest log file: https://pastebin.com/CQxUbjmc The METAR that I spawned in with: Temprature readout (PMDG777): Outside view (Fair Weather?, didn't reset to clear skies) This didn't fit the previous issue, so I used the "Refresh Weather" option, which took a few moments and resulted in the usual effects, And the following log file (identical in all but timestamp): https://pastebin.com/uzFjDjaX
  4. My Prepar3D directory is D:\Games\P3D, which is where Environment Force is installed to. The REX Modules folder exists, which is where the executable is. I have run this as an administrator. I've got a .mdf and .ldf file, are these the logs in question?
  5. Hi @rstough, My weather settings are detailed in the below screenshot. Thanks, Will
  6. Hi Support, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Please find attached the requested files. Thanks, Will backuplogp3d4.txt installlogmodels.txt installlogtheme.txt installwxfile.txt LocationWeather.xml restorewxfile.txt weatherasm.xml weatherasm2.xml
  7. Hi Support, Sorry to follow this up so quickly. But in reading through this thread, I noticed that the support agent mentioned setting the weather theme to "REX Weather Sync". Is this a feature that I should have? I currently only have the default weather options showing. Could the "file not found" error be where the injection process is trying to force the weather theme, but it can't find it? Also, should there be anything relating to REX be shown in my Add-Ons list? Thanks, Will
  8. Hi Support, I picked up Environment Force in the sale (along with SF3D), and installed it following the recommendations included. However, when I try to run the Environment Force executable (D:\Games\P3D\REXModules\rexenvforce.exe), I receive a run as administrator prompt (when enabling UAC to test its actually trying to start), and then nothing happens... Are there some log files that I can provide you with? And to clarify, should this particular REX addon definitely be installed to the P3D install directory? I noticed that this addon relies on MSSQL 16, and I did originally have a copy of MSSQL installed (I can't remember the version). As I had finished with that development, I uninstalled both REX EF and the MSSQL application, so that the reinstall would be fresh. Could it be failing to connect to the database and therefore not opening? Thanks, Will
  9. Hi Support, So I picked up Sky Force 3D in the sale, and got it all installed using the recommended steps in the manual. I configured a personal theme, saved it, and installed it. Having tested out the textures using the Gray & Rainy/Stormy Weather themes, I moved on to use SF3D as a weather engine. However, following the creation of a weather station (as displayed in the green bar), the weather option resets to (presumably what the SF station is broadcasting) clear skies, maximum visibility, no wind, no clouds, and 14/15 degrees. To reproduce this, I've taken the following steps. Start SkyForce3D as an administrator. Start Prepar3D v4.5. Check my favourite airports section for an airport that is displaying precipitation. Select an airport with precipitation, and take note of the temperature and wind conditions. Load in to that airport on the active runway. Weather station is created by SkyForce3D Weather appears to be reset to the conditions described above. Temperature readout is usually 14 degrees C. The In-Sim Briefing functions normally, and gives a readout of the METAR as described in the SkyForce 3D desktop application. I did a little bit of digging and found that my C:\Program Files\REX Sky Force 3D for Prepar3D v4\log directory was filling up with log files every ten minutes that I was flying (on each sync). Here's a paste bin of the contents of the latest file. All of these logs contained the same message. https://pastebin.com/fyTU61qc Just for clarification, my P3D is installed at D:\Games\P3D. Thanks!
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