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  1. Enabling and Disabling Dynamic Lighting turned out not to be repeatable. It would push the time forward only a fraction of the time, maybe once a flight and not every flight. It does not start the day / Night cycle either, it only jumps the time. I usually start with manual lighting disabled. It seems if I do not start EF5, time advances.
  2. Hello, I too have encountered this issue. I am running P3Dv4.5 with AS, SF3d and PTA with the addition EF5 the start of the issue. I have experienced it with the Fslabs a320 and well as the Qualitywings 787. I have noticed enabling/disabling manual lighting mode on and off will make the time advance if you let enought time pass(like 15-30 minutes). I would like to add that while EF5 is a good program, this is completely immersion breaking in a sim and imo a deal breaker. I mean,, I can not to a two leg flight that would take me from dawn to afternoon or noon to dark...
  3. Hello, After manually downloading and installing the SQL server because the installer did not do this job properly(yes, the UAC, Firewall, Antivirus, Admin requirements were met...), EF5 worked fine. It was great to be able to tweak on the fly and see the changes to clouds and sky textures with a click. EF5 seems like a good product. I then did the following: I shut down my computer and came back the next day and rebooted it. Now EF5 freezes when I try to sync 3D clouds and does nothing when I sync cirrus and sky textures or adjust sliders, making it effectively useless. Like I said above, I shutdown and rebooted my computer, nothing else. I use P3Dv4.5, AS P3Dv4 for weather Skyforce 5 and PTA for shaders, adding EF5 to be able to change things on the fly. I what order do I start the programs? Do I still start Skyforce, AS and then the sim, or does Skyforce no longer need to be running? Where to I see what is in sim? What do the settingis in Skyforce need to be for EF5 to work? Is that even important? Thank you
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