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  1. Heres the reason I dont wana because the actual release version has bloom issues with it. So I may just wait til 2.0 is out
  2. Hello, So a while back i was having the bloom issues, til you guys directed me to go download the newest build you were working on which fixed the problem. think it was 2.0, however i opened the application and it said demo version expired ( i have purchased the product) and when i click ok it closes the application
  3. no bloom issues with the PMDG 777, 737 and also no bloom issue with the QW787 series on my end.
  4. correct but only during daylight hours. night and early morning no issues. dusk and day light yes
  5. entering morning and so far so good, will get back to you guys as it gets to midday
  6. yeah right now at night bought 2-3AMish im having no issues with bloom, but not getting my hopes up high. ive been flying without HDR since it started happening
  7. so i got in contact with some fellow simmers that dont have a problem and they said turn the Bloom all the way to zero within the sim, so im doing a test haul DXB-NRT so im experiencing it through night, morning and afternoon. will report
  8. looking forward to it. im wondering if it has something to do with different coding between HDR systems
  9. its awesome that you remembered me! ill PM you
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