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  1. Hi @timest999. Thank you for responding, I have currently updated to the newer version 5.0.2019.0625. This seems to have an even worse affect on my system too.
  2. Before purchasing Environment force, I used Active Sky and Tomato Shade. I found the sweet spot regarding performance with that and would get around 40+fps in any airport. An example would be KSFO with 50 fps. However, after removing Tomato Shade and purchasing Environment Force in conjunction with Active Sky, FPS there has decreased to 25. This performance figure is after i have decreased many sliders within the sim as well as changing resolution from 4096x4096 to 2048x2048. I also seem to have major spikes in the air as well, lets say, around FL 350 in the middle of nowhere, I would be getting around 20fps. What could be causing this? Or is this normal?
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