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  1. Hi There I recently installed REX EF and am using with Sky Force (Cloud Textures/Structures + Sky Textures) & ASP4 as the weather engine. I am running P3D V4.4. I am running EF in Automatic mode and am having problems getting the "Scene Lighting" function working - when this is enabled, I see no difference in visuals compared to when EF is not running - In fact the only things I can visually see differences in is water colouring, visibility, and sometimes a very minute difference in terrain colouring. Also the Scene lighting option sometimes stays in the "WAITING" status but even when it is in the "RUNNING" status i see no difference at all in the lighting/shaders. I am not running any other shader mods (PTA/ENVSHADE/TS) I understand this is a new product and there are things that need to be ironed out but at the moment EF is just not really doing much visual adjustment to my sim. I look forward to your response.
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