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  1. And now everything seems to work. I had only a short time to try out a fix I recieved from Reed Stough , but it looks like it works. Thank you Sincerely Jakob Arnholtz
  2. And as today I has installed the newest REX Environment force (rexenvforce_20190517) Same problem. Cant be used with my P3dv4.5 Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
  3. Hi. I an running rexenvforce_20190503. Downloaded a newer version today, but has not tried it yet. and yes, I am running the latest p3d version
  4. Enviroment force makes a mess out of my P3dv4,5 I has now tried numerous times to install, deinstall, and I am running out of ideas. What I do, is I install ( The newest build, downloaded today) Environment force on my Win 8,1 system and on my P3Dv4,5 (newest build) according to the procedure recommended in the Environment force manual. I start up Environmnt force and THEN P3dv4,5 and all I get is the GUI you see on the Screen shot. As you see, there is no aircraft to choose. If I deside to go ahead anyway, the result is this odd-looking landscape (See below) And no aircraft as one can see. I keep getting this behaviour until i deinstall REX Environment. Any idea out there? ( I am out of ideas now!) Kindly Jakob Arnholtz
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