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  1. I have a question that has got me stumped. I bought REX SkyForce 3D months ago, and took a small break from FSX. When I came back recently, I opened SkyForce 3D and received a prompt to update the software. I did, and I am confused. Now every time I open the program I have to put in a registration pin, and it seems to never save. The weather will load somewhat fine, but in flight it gets odd. When the weather starts updating in flight, I lose aircraft power. Not much, but it is noticeable enough that I lose about 100-200 feet of altitude because of it. Also, it doesn't matter how long my flight it, every ATIS I come across in flight time stamps as 0000Z. I'm not sure if I am missing a setup option in the setting of either SkyForce, or of FSX, but I am a bit confused by it. Right now, it looks like I have version 5.0.2019.718. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
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