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  1. The installer doesn't let you customize where EF is installed, it reads your registry to find out where your P3d folders are. I am talking about the 'rexinstaller' directory some filetransfer Downloader wizard that totally screwed up my simulator.
  2. I purchased Environment Force from the REX Store. I downloaded it fresh yesterday from the REX Store. It will still be there if you did not update the downloadable file. Just try running the "rexinstaller.exe' and place the directory on the folder of files you don't care for. There was no warning or prompt when running the REX installer, I perhaps should have created its own separate folder. That however is no excuse for it to simply delete all the contents within.
  3. Hello, As a caution to other users; if you set the directory for the REX-file transfer installer to your add-on folder, it will delete everything within that folder. I was doing a complete fresh install of REX; I downloaded the 'rexinstaller'.zip and proceeded to run the files within, I selected the directory to install as my add-ons folder, it destroyed all my add-on files. I lost over 3 gigabytes of flight simulator add-ons just with the initial setup; I play only every 'once' and a while and I completely forgot what I even need to re-install. All of my settings and optimizations were lost for the various programs I used, some of which aren't even made anymore. Edit: I don't even have a restore point setup on my computer to undo.
  4. How do you join the beta program?
  5. Hello, It was off in my scenario tested. Regards
  6. Hello, Yes, 5.0.2019.0517. Regards,
  7. Yes, I've tried running P3d without EF. You have two options, open it or uninstall it, no in between. Get your serial number on speed dial. Regards
  8. IHello, I can confirm everything in this thread is true. FPS is garbage as compared to running my game without EF. If you don't believe me. Load up a storm system in your preferred weather program. Fly around with EF on you will have abysmal FPS if you aren't running on settings that are optimized for Intel Pentium. Then un-install EF, (which you should if you value performance at in its current state) then fly in the same weather system. Your FPS will be so much better even if you value looks over performance you will certainly prefer this. As Saenchay stated, this latested build has caused nothing but haywire on my p3d, even more than the last. The FPS is ridiculous as compared to the initial version I installed. I wish they would release archived versions so I may reinstall and play with EF. It has awesome potential and looks absolutely phenomenal
  9. Hello, Primary / Non-primary displays is relating to window's monitor (desktop) settings. I have a dual monitor setup and run P3D on my 4K screen (non-primary) and Navigraph/in-flight entertainment on my (primary-display) 2K monitor. This has unfortunately been an issue since the release of EF, they are working on a fix. When I had EF installed, my work around was to first make all the modifications I needed in the mini-UI (IE: Fog Mode Bug) while my simulator was on my primary desktop display. I then moved my P3D window onto my "flight-sim screen" at which point would make the mini-UI unrecoverable regardless of P3D display position. Regards,
  10. Hello, Yes, EF makes my P3D crash to desktop when it is ran first. After the first crash, selecting my custom aircraft and airport; I then have to go through and run the default (F22 & EGLL) which will load up. Then I have to load my custom scenario and only after. I've temporarily un-installed EF while they iron out the bugs. The previous versions had less of a performance impact than the latest update however they don't have an archive so I am stuck with a less than optimal product. EF makes P3D look stunning. If they can iron out the bugs, and fix the ASP4 compatibility, it would be a ground breaking tool. Regardsm
  11. No it doesn't, I've tried disabling all of the options and with a varying combination. However it has some type of permanently activated weather engine that overrides ASP4. ASP4 interpolates your position and generates specific cloud location and rain masses. EF seems to override this which can be seen by having the clouds completely rearranged in-game after it has been enabled. ASP4 in my testing still operates in the background but is not allowed to properly show the weather that is being created. For example, and as mentioned, flying through a 'rainstorm in game' but having no such activity and the radar and having ASP4 show no interpolated rain effects on your position. I've gone mad trying to reinstall my PMDG planes thinking it was some improperly config'd file in addition to reinstalling ASP4. But as soon as I uninstalled EF from my computer, the interpolated weather map on ASP4's console reflected what was actually being shown in game. I hope there is some way make them compatible, I know EF reads the game's METAR, but it needs to read the interpolated data in live action that is being fed by ASP4. Else this is $30 down the drain for me. Playing without ASP4 is a no-go for me.
  12. Hello, This is a topic that I've done some testing in but haven't come to a conclusion yet and was wondering if anyone else noticed a similar issue. This is a hypothesis. ASP4 generates clouds and precipitation detectable by many payware plane's weather radar. It also uses simconnect and interpolates weather data based on your position. EF automatic mode/some textures 3D cloud morphing (real-time weather off) will change the cloud's location upon its activation. This can be seen when you have a broken clouds day setup on ASP4 then after you turn on 3D cloud morphing, the clouds will no longer be in the same location as they previously were and interpolated by ASP4. Almost like a confliction on EF's end where it will inject its own weather/cloud information even though real-time weather is off and it is reading from your ASP4 file; it doesn't read the interpolated effects on your aircraft calculated by ASP4 but rather the METAR and comes to its own conclusion. Thus over-riding ASP4. So, obviously doppler radar works by sending out wavelengths and reporting those that come back changed; thus representing particulates/rain/snow/hail in the air. PMDG aircraft (example) read this data that ASP4 generates and places it into its WXR function on their aircraft. EF, by changing the cloud locations/types and interpolating its own interpretation of the weather METAR (Created by ASP4) creates a visual effect different than ASP4's intended display. Thus, even though I was flying through precipitation, it was not showing up on my weather radar because it was solely a visual effect 'spawned' by EF. When infact the interpolated data by ASP4's engine (which can be seen via DeBug) was showing/creating something else therefore an inaccurate WXR reading. --- This hypothesis needs more testing and I'm not exactly sure if it is how I wrote above. It sparked my curiosity when I was playing around with EF and saw it changing the cloud locations even though those are determined by ASP4's engine. Any Thoughts? Regards
  13. Hello, Thanks for your information! I tried to disable that function and restarted my computer, the frame-rates increase by 5-10 in rainy weather but ultimately remains unplayable. This thread deserves more attention and is game breaking... Perhaps the developer could post a history of releases so we can revert to the ones that work for our systems the best? Regards,
  14. Yes, Likewise; I've had this issue since the first release of 4.5 and EnvForce.
  15. I'm not sure if it makes a difference; but I use chaseplane. Regards,
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