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  1. thx a lot! est date for realese?
  2. Hi, EF version is 5.0.2019.0503 thx!
  3. Hi I ve tried yr suggestion but the results are the same as my prev installation. Generally is too bright, setting in the UI cannot help a lot to reduce this issue. Do you have any other solution? thx a lot
  4. Hi dear, I ll try this evening with your suggestion and let you know. Big thanks for quick reply
  5. Hi I need some councils reg use of EF, I have envshade too and as many users said the appearance is too bright. There are some conflicts between these two apps? You suggest to uninstall envshade? In case of using active sky I need to unselect first two option in auto mode of EF? Thx a lot in advance for the help.
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