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  1. Hello, Thank you for your answers. I solved the Problem by reinstalling both REX installations. I'm not sure what caused the problem, but an additional uninstall of REX Sky Force solved this. kind regards Michael
  2. Do you mean the adaption scalar? Its the only one with adaption I can find, but its a number to reduce ore increase, minimum is 1.750
  3. I already thought about that, but my RAM is always near 9GB loaded, so I thought 16GB should be enough, but I'll think about upgrading to 32GB
  4. Hello, I get near 10fps when there are overcast or Broken clouds with P3Dv4.5. Only Using REX SF and EF no shaders. When clearing the weather, I get 50FPS, when reactivate REX weather 10 FPS. My hardware: I7 8700k overclocked 5.0 GHz, delided liquid cooled (50° on full load). GTX1080 TI 11GB, 16GB RAM 3333MHZ installed to M2-SSD. I tried with and without DXT5, automatic resolution, and manual 512 1024 2048 and 4096, my desktop resolution is 4k. kind regards
  5. Hello, I use P3D v4.5 latest build with actual REX SF and EF, both latest versions. No other shaders nor software lik PTA. When Im using the Auto mode, the clouds are too bright. Additionial to this I have the issue, when I look into my cockpit, at MCDU or something else, the outside and my instruments are becoming very bright, the PFD is nearly unreadable. I need to zoom towards the sky and back, this helps for a few seconds, before it becomes bright again. I tried several sliders to adjuswt it, but nothing helped.
  6. Hello, this automation settings are much too bright, i cant read the speedtape of my Fslabs A320 and everything is just ugly bright, the sky is always light blue and so on. The seceond problem is, the programm downst really quit, when i want to do. I click the cross, the window is gone. When I click on the shortcut to start the program later, nothing happens. There is nothing on my taskbar or else, I just can see it in task manager. kind regards
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