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  1. Yes Sir I am. But could not trace it down to a specific cause. I don't use other shader tools anymore because EF is great and I don't have the need to use Envshade or PTA other than to beta test EF. It might be SF is causing this. I just used SF some times to change the cloud texture size and thunder sounds. Maybe, just a guess this happens when EF and SF are running together with p3d. Uninstalling EF and reinstalling again always solved that problem. Reinstalling of SF and installing the textures with and without EF running together with p3d does not solve the issue.
  2. With EF: @fs1 hope this helps, water settings high, fair weather, airport KVPS: Prepar3D_2019-07-06_22-20-09-01.avi Prepar3D_2019-07-06_22-22-47-07.avi
  3. @fs1 hope this helps, water settings high, fair weather, airport KVPS: Without EF: Prepar3D_2019-07-06_22-07-28-34.avi Prepar3D_2019-07-06_22-02-47-25.avi
  4. Not so sure about that. Same here since today. EF gets corrupted some how and than starts to act up. Without EF no problems. Try to fix it as @marcus.pohlmann sugested. Un install EF compleetly and reinstall. Clouds are back to what they should be.
  5. It does, but there is no wave animation. Hard to discribe. With default shaders you get an animation of waves, similar to ultra setting. Ultra seems to be no problem because to my understanding with ultra you get true 3D waves. With EF the water texture moves in the direction of the wind and the waves size is changing with the weather but the waves them selfs are frozen. It looks like the hole water surface is just sliding with the wind. Like a big sheet that is puled in one direction over the water body.
  6. Same for me. Setting water wave speed just moves the texture but the wave animation does not work. I hope this will be fixed in the futur. With ultra settings I got animated waves but that is just too demanding on resources. I know EF does change the water waves by wind speed but the point is that the waves are not animated, it looks like the water texture slides but that looks just silly. Water settings high in p3d v4.5 hf1, windows 10.
  7. Does the texture sync function in EF pick also from different cloud sets according to the weather like it does with the scy textures? Or does it the same as SF does, using the installed cloud set and just adjustes structures? Reason I am asking is I would like to use ENVTEX sky textures. So I hope that, if I disable automatic texture sync in EF and run SF, I still get structure matching with the SF function and keep the ENVTEX sky textures. I would sacrifice ENVTEX if EF automatic texture sync does pick different cloud texture sets. I understand that it already has the structur function from SF integrated.
  8. Same conclusion here. When I installed ENVSHADE the cloudshadows disappear. If you have a problem to get them back just uninstall p3d client and content. Reinstall and the shadows are back to normal.
  9. I agree on that wave animation behaviour fresH described. Not a problem but would be nice to have the old waves back (high setting in p3d) sometime in the future.
  10. just for a comparison ... do you see the sim more or less like this? Hard to tell from a screen shot. Can you send day, time, location and weather info? Automode or manuel. Then I could have a look at the same spot if that helps. The water looks a bit like in some of my test in 1.1.2. But because of EFs dynamic nature hard to tell. From your screenshot I would guess you are in manuel mode for fog because of the visibility. Also I just got one flight in 1.1.3 and that was great.
  11. I hope your testing goes well. One thing I can tell you from my experiece in the last days is that you don't have to be afraid to brake anything. I lost count of the times I installed uninstalled and reverted back and forth between the EF builds to get my former complains fixed. I could always set up p3d and EF to where it was before. I recommend 1.1.3 for the changes (first impression): - FPS back to normal (as in 1.0, on 1.2 I lost some 8-14 frames with v4.5hf1) - lighting is very realsitic in my opinion day and night (before the night was not what I think it should look like) - clouds (1.0 had a beautyful/stunning effect when lit from behined but thats gone with the bloom correction) day and night - save last state function implemented - in sim HDR settings are honored
  12. Same issue today, started and got 8-16 frames (just p3d 4.5 HF1 + EF 1.1.2). Standart scenario in the F-22. HDR off in EF UI did not change a thing. Uninstalled SF and EF and now frames are back to normal. I will try to replicate that. Windows 10 professional Installed addons: AS4 ASCA EF + SF ORBX A2A GA aircrafts
  13. The switch is already included. Addaption time delta = 0.0 in he HDR settings. Try that.
  14. Out of curiosity, did you updated p3d to v4.5 h1after or before you applied the EF 1.1.2 patch? Just asking because after I uninstalled EF and repaird p3d 4.5 h1 (client, scenery and content) and one start of p3d I had original the shaders (repair is probably not necessary but it worked for me). I the just installed EF with 1.1.2 and the excessive bloom was gone in v4.5 h1. Support will have a better solution but if in doubt try it.
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