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  1. Thanks for checking, however there has yet, to my knowledge, been an update released. So I am still experiencing this issue. As are many other users now I see. This has deemed the product unusable and currently an absolute waste of money. Regards.
  2. Apologies, i shoud have said i tried with and without with no change. The only fix was uninstalling which isnt great has it was a great product to use.
  3. Hello, it is random I agree, but as I said uninstalling it has definitely fixed the issue. I was using the pmdg747, active sky latest version,FS real time and p3d v4.5
  4. im not sure of the build number as i have to unistall it, however it was the latest version from my Just Flightr account
  5. Hello, I have come across a strange situation that when using EF my P3D day/night cycle doesnt work. It does not get light when it should the only way of seeming to change this is going to time preview and moving it forward five mins then back, this then gives the correct light for the time of day. I have unistalled EF and the Day/Night cycle once again works fine. So I believe it is related to EF. ANy help would be appreciated
  6. I notice if I turn off HDR in SIM setting my HDR seems ok when using EF.
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