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  1. I do not require any help as I fixed my issue. My issue was fixed by installing the Microsoft SQL 2016. It did not manage to install with the installer, but I skipped that part and installed it afterwards, then it worked fine.
  2. I am having the same issue... Edit: Read this post. Same issue, with an fix.
  3. Hello SaenchaySor, After a quick test with the full moon. It was brighter and kinda alright. However I want it to be lighter for all nights not only full moon. I also had a quick look on my TomatoShade preset, and checked that values are pretty close to standard. At last I did the modification in the cfg. It now looks ok for all type of nights and I believe that this has fixed my issue, at least made it better for me. Now I can actually see what's going on Thanks for your help! I will fly some more and test it out and see how it goes Best regards Sveiny
  4. Hello , After installing REX SF and REX ENVO my sim has been looking fine during dawn/dusk/day times. However at one point when transitioning from dawn to night, my sim becomes extremely dark from an outside view point and looking out of the cockpit windows. Here is an example: Can barley see anything. I would like to see some more. I have tired manual lightning mode but when I changed that then the day/night cycle is stuck. So if I change it then that's how it is going to be. As far as I know when I tested it. I tried doing a time preview and didn't change anything. I have turned off HDR in P3D, due to it being to bright and the bloom level was trough the roof. Please help! Let me know if I need to provide any more information about my setup if there can be an issue on my end. I have looked through quickly and I couldn't find anyone else with this issue. Possibly it could be on my end. In advance, Thank you! Best regards Sveiny
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