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  1. Hi, to try and try again I have installed the REX EF too many times and this message comes out: How can i reset?
  2. a little of screen shoots of a reinstall EF again: no mini UI everything is completely mess out.
  3. sorry my words a little heavy but I'm tired of trying everything I've read in your forums, for me it's not working for me, options: 1. Am I ignorant? 2. Should I reinstall EF? 3.I had to buy another PC? 5.I don't say that I have to format again, because I have an empty computer with only FSUIPC and EF prepards inside. 6. Can I receive remote assistance since I am a trusted customer? @timest999 @gronden
  4. Prepar3D v EF your last one update released
  5. I continue to have issues with this EV - Format PC - Clean installation P3Dv4 - The only add-onn installed is FSUIPC and EV to you the words............................
  6. @timest999 yes of course i have it my name on skype is: Dony Coletta
  7. @timest999 yes of course i have it my name on skype is: Dony Coletta
  8. @fs1 No mini UI for me...It's completely screwed up when i install EF. This is a default scenario with no tomato and reshade. I did all the procedures of delete the dll.xml, and all that stuff, what can i say i give up. I hope in one thing, i hope that you guys solved this problem in a future. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I just want to tell you that even with the Hotfix that is released a few minutes ago, i have the same monochrome texture even outside the of the cockpit. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. Same here dual monitor no mini UI.
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