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  1. but I want EF to do everything automatically. I like it. I'm not a fan of manual control😐
  2. already fixed? I would like to return to using EF
  3. I have the same problem when I forget to run EnvForce. Looks like a reminder: you forgot EF ! )) Have to restart P3D 4.5 Previously, this was not.
  4. I unscrewed the exposure to maximum, but I looked like through sunglasses. On screenshot, the sun shines directly on the plane. Is it like? How to fix?
  5. Clouds become more contrasting and saturated.
  6. I deleted EF before fixing the sudden clouds. This is the most embarrassing moment. In second place - I do not understand work with shaders. I have my PTA configuration and do not want to distort it. Need a big button "Do not change shaders" on the main EF page !!)
  7. It would be nice to make one big button "do not touch shaders" ))
  8. Interestingly, when I do not want to run a EF, some element still starts and interferes. And an error message appears. Why does EF run when I do not want it?
  9. REX 5 - Environment Force Techncial Update 1.1.1 Items that have been fixed in this build: · Fixed - Cloud morphing with Tomato Shade · Fixed - Lowered KeyExposure minimums for better HDR bloom tweaks · Added - Save last station option in in-sim mini UI. · Added - Server validation error messages
  10. It is necessary on the automatic mode page to make an entry to the options))
  11. Try turning it on and off while looking at the clouds. See for yourself the effect. I like when turned on. Clouds become more voluminous and richer. The FPS is not affected. A matter of taste
  12. Where in EF is the transition option 10 minutes?
  13. I can clearly see the difference. Added volume for the clouds.
  14. https://youtu.be/pqda0w5QgHs Active Sky + EF paints an amazing atmosphere ! ( Auto mode )
  15. I also use Active Sky and see how beautifully the automatic mode works. It fascinates periodically)) I leave enabled "weather smoothing". This adds volume to clouds. The difference is obvious
  16. It looks like after the changes, you have to click SAVE PRESET on the main page
  17. Found!! For a 4K monitor, the icon is too small)) And menu can be increased by one more step for 4K)) Thanks!
  18. Thank! Everything is good!))
  19. I am offered an update, but where can I get the code? Thanks,
  20. And I did not find how to open mini UI again. Maybe there are hot keys? Or you need to restart P3D? Thanks,
  21. Please clarify what effect adds vaporous skies option ? The documentation is poorly reflected this.))
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