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  1. I did a couple more test flight using just the latest P3D 4.5 and the latest REX SF and using the REX SF "weather Engine" i still got several weather insta load pop-ins along my route, So what i mean by this is you could be flying through partly cloudy skies and then all of a sudden when the weather reloads you get a instant dramatic change in weather from partly clouds to 7/10 broken with clouds everywhere SO instead of the software loading the next station on the horizon and you flying to that new weather change it just changes it dramatically every time it loads a new station which isn't vary natural feeling.
  2. Sorry been out of town all week. YES i had the latest version of Skyforce installed when this happened will do more testing and report back as now i see there is an update to Environment Force Out as well. Is there a certain order you have to start the 2 programs? Like Skyforce 1st then Start Environment force? or does it not matter? and thank you for checking up on this post that shows you guys care about your product and customers and sometimes thats more important than the fix becuase that seems to be the easy part for devs but its the customer service part most cant get right and you guys are doing a fantastic job at that
  3. Thanks for the help. *Turing OFF the HDR Options in Chaseplane RESOLVED the issue!
  4. Hello REX With REX Environment Force "weather smoothing" enabled im still getting Hard Weather Reloads when using REX Skyforce Weather Engine. I thought that this would fix the hard "Insta" Weather Loads for REX Skyforce Weather Engine?
  5. Hello REX, I recently downloaded the latest REX Skyforce and REX Environment Force when i use the REX Skyforce "weather engine" I noticed square cloud edges of weather front and weird lines ALSO when i have REX Environment Force "weather smoothing" enabled i still get HARD weather loads and its not a smooth transition from one weather station to the next. I have included pics of the square clouds and lines i get with the REX Skyforce Weather Engine. I really like the REX Weather Engine and it gives so much more diverse layers than other alternative popular weather engines. So i hope you can further develop it to be something special as it stands now it some work still.
  6. So I updated Environment Force so i can use it with Tomatoshade and yes it now works with Tomato Shade but Chaseplane is broken when using Environment Force and Tomatoshade? This is crazy...I uninstall Environment Force and Chaseplane works again then i install Envirnment force and Chaseplane stops working since its impossible to live without Chaseplane in P3D unfortunately i have to uninstall Environment Force. ***I really wish REX would separate Environment Force into 2 separate products or installs all i really want is the weather smoothing to use with REX Sky force Engine so i dont get the hard insta weather loads with Skyforce.
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