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  1. Hello, Thanks for you reply. Yes I do have this option enabled and will try without on my next flight and report back the results Will.
  2. Hello, I have already posted about this issue around a month ago and unfortunately it is still persisting. I have 77% CPU usage in the air with some cloud coverage, with 40-50% on the ground at EGKK which is a pretty resource hog scenery. This increase in CPU usage at higher altitudes is affecting frames, and I have <30 in the air with an i5 9600k OC'd @ 4.8GHz with an RTX2070. Any idea how to solve this? Google Chrome is closed (albeit only have on tab open to start this topic). Thanks, Will.
  3. It was in relatively cloudy whether (broken conditions). However, without EF this scenario would've normally been perfectly flyable - 60+fps with my sim, but with EF it goes down to 15-20fps.
  4. Same with me - frames on ground are as normal only above the clouds
  5. Can you monitor your CPU usage? I've been having this exact same issue and i've noticed that when I have bad FPS i always have very high CPU usage
  6. Sorry for the late response, and the only TS shader profile I'm using is Chris Osbakk's which only has reflections turned on and nothing else. I have not tried with default shaders. Also, I did a flight yesterday - all fine. Started up my sim today, tried to do a flight - high cpu usage, low frames (both flights with EF running). Both cloud texture options are 2048x2048 - HD option which should be easy to render for my RTX 2070 and i5 9600k. Anymore ideas? Will.
  7. The i5 9600k, has 6 cores and I’ve overclocked it to 4.8GHz. How can you explain my sim running perfectly before I installed Environments force with the same hardware? Also, I shut down Google Chrome and it did not make a difference in frames. Will.
  8. Hi, Other software are: Active Sky, ProjectFLY, BAv Merlin (on BAv flights obviously), sometimes google chrome, but I checked and this does not take up much CPU load at all within Task Manager. Also, TomatoShade is used, but only for reflections on the aircraft and nothing else. EF has been updated to latest build. I do fly the FSLabs but it ran fine before installing Environment Force and as I said, below 10000ft I get 40+ fps in all situations (just flew into EGLL and it was smooth as you like) but above 10000ft my fps was down to 5-10fps. The weather conditions were overcast and it was at dusk, but before even this scenario ran perfectly fine. I have a feeling I have put my settings too high. I have also recently installed Open LC Europe, but flying around Europe without EF being activated results in no FPS drop or problems whatsoever so that's leading me to believe that it is EF and not other software. Specs: i5 9600k OC 4.8GHz, RTX2070, 1TB SSD (dedicated to sim), 16GB RAM (54% was taken while at cruise).
  9. Hello all, Before installing Environment Force, my frames were completely fine. 40+ fps in all situations at all locations. Ever since installing Environment Force, the CPU load has increased significantly, with the frames dropping as a result. The interesting thing is that these frames drop only at 10000ft plus. Frames completely fine below 10000ft. Is there a solution for this, because it's annoying me a bit now how I spent £1700 on a computer which can't even run a shader programme at 30fps plus (yesterday when I ran the sim without Environment Force i got 60+ fps in cruise). Is there a way to pinpoint the cause of the high cpu load that EF causes? Will.
  10. I had this issue and the only way I've found to fix it is by deleting ShadersHLSL folder, and reinstalling the Academic Client, which will rebuild the shader file. After this, you shouldn't have this issue.
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