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  1. Still hangs at the install screen, no change. .dll is not present and I searched for ?:\WX Advantage Radar and nothing was located, ran Ccleaner as well.
  2. Had the REX radar installed on a different drive, removed p3d 4.4 and installed on a M.2 drive. Now when trying to reinstall the radar it just sits on the opening screen and does nothing, left it for two hours, still stuck on the opening install screen. Can not reinstall the radar. Checked the listed windows programs, no listing for the REX Radar under "REX" milviz" "radar" or "wx" where would I go in the windows regestery and p3d to remove any remnants of the program to try a reinstall? system. Ryzen 5 2600 32gb ram 1080ti and 1050 video cards
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