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  1. Hello, I wanted to know if the problem comes from home but on the mini interface everything works fine except the backup. I would like to lower the ExposureKey to 0.330. But when I click on Save Variables I have P3D that closes (I even think a CTD) But when I restart P3D and I look at ExposureKey it is back to 0.370. And if I click on Load variable it's nothing I thought he would go back to 0.330 Good luck anyway for this beautiful product!
  2. Same after the update 1.1.0 that I have a weather covered I go to 5 FPS ... even on a small airport very greedy in a very small city. As soon as I cut ASP4 I take my 30FPS
  3. Same problem after the release of the day with the clouds I had a correct cadence but now that I have a cloudy sky I can go down to 5 6 FPS
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