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  1. I'm still seeing a few of these long skinny clouds as I fly around the world. Not often, but they are there.
  2. Do we require an update for this, or is the 'server-side' change remote to us?
  3. It seems to me that if I switch to Manual mode in EF then EF cannot follow the weather engine changes as everything seems to get locked down in Manual Mode - It appears that settings can no longer change due to weather, time of year, time of day etc. Is that so? So I try Auto Mode, which is pretty good, but now I lose many controls, and I'd like to find a way of reducing the haze on certain weathers, and it's not obvious how to do that in Auto mode. I've tried some of the In-Sim fog settings, but I'm not seeing the changes I would like. Any ideas? Secondly, it says in the user manual that I would be better off saving my settings with the Green Save button in the Main app, rather than using the save/load buttons in the in-sim control. But in Auto mode it seems to me I don't have access to the Green button, so now I have to manually load my settings every time I load the sim. This all seems a bit poorly thought out. Have I missed something?
  4. I'm struggling to understand how haze/visibility control is implemented in EF. If I leave it in Full Auto, general haze levels are too much. If I switch to Manual, then I don't even find any visibility settings in the app. What I find is FOG settings. FOG is different. FOG is something that happens close to terrain. I want to set the visibility levels to something more realistic, but I still want them to vary with weather. I get the feeling that when I adjust any haze/visibility settings that they become more fixed and don't vary realistically with weather. Also, haze/visibility levels seems to be to much above the clouds. Usually in the real world visibility levels are much higher above the clouds than below. One final point. Why is it that I can fly towards for example a target airport and have it in cleat visible range, and then suddenly have the visible range drop to much less, when I did not fly through clouds etc. Surely if there is a bad visibility area between me and the airport, it should always be there, and not pop up unexpectedly as I approach the airport. If it is there I should't be able to see the airport. So can someone explain where is the best place to adjust visibility settings? And can this be controlled separately for above and below cloud? And is fog a separate entity in the sim/EF? Or is it all lumped together under visibility? That would be a shame. EF feels very good in many areas, but there still seems to be areas which need improvement. Or can I configure these things better than the defaults?
  5. MalwareBytes is pretty tough on crapwear and it passed OK here. Just saying...
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