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  1. Very messy organization, people... you advertise that there's a beta out for testing, multiple posts, thanks for helping out, etc etc, "download instructions" without a valid link (it's actually not visible)... IF you've removed access because of testing concerns, perhaps you could update your posts with an explanation. Just wasted a lot of my time. I think REX is biting off more than it can chew, lately...
  2. I'd like to know why this product has such low priority on "the testing for compatibility" list - assuming it is on it at all. To summarize, I've used this add-on three times since v4.4 was out. Since v4.5 then = can't use it. I'm a reasonnable guy, but that's two months ago. REX was not as slow when payment was required. Before anyone decides to "resolve" this ticket by closing it... I would like a timeline, or a full refund. If this is the type of consideration your customers are entitled to, I will not be purchasing REX products any time soon.
  3. Since its update from 4.4 to 4.5, my P3D can no longer display WX Radar. Another topic reported the exact same issue, the response was "waiting on the developers"... and now this topic has been closed and labeled "resolved", without any sort of explanation. Yet, there is no update available. Not a very transparent way of providing support. Please provide solutions or timelines... and worry less about ticket closure ratios?
  4. More specifically, when I select it from the instrument panel menu, it pops up and stays completely dark - a black square. Tried to uninstall it from the aircraft it had been working on a few days ago - no luck Checked requirements, found on this forum that MS Visual Studio C++ was a requirement, I have all versions up to 2017 installed (didn't change anything). OS is Windows 10 64 bits FSX SE I'd appreciate some help, this is the second REX product giving me issues , two weeks into purchase...
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