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  1. In your case I would do a reinstall of ActiveSky, SkyForce and EnvironmentForce. I had the same issues last week when downgrading client from v4.5 to v4.4 but after I did the reinstall of those 3 addons my performance and looks came back again. It doesn't take that long and its an easy way to fix possible issues within the P3D root folder.
  2. Short update from my side - did a complete re-install of SkyForce, EnvironmentForce and ActiveSky (still running P3D v4.4) and now my performance issues are gone. Seems like it messed up something during the previous installation process. I also did a complete graphic driver reset (I used DDU and installed a fresh & clean version of the latest nvidia drivers).
  3. Just to keep it up-to-date, I did a downgrade back to client v4.4 (LM states that you can run client v4.4 with content & scenery v4.5) to figure out if the problem is v4.5 exclusive. Short answer - no it is not (I get the same results in v4.4). Last week (before my system reset) I used exactly the same settings and addons and had no performance issues in P3D at all. I am used to run SkyForce/EnvironmentForce with 4K textures and the only situations where I had performance/frame drops where heavy overcast scenarios. But now after the SkyForce and EnvironmentForce updates I lost more than 50% of my frames. Today I tried the same scenarios without SF and EF instead I used ASCA + ENVTEX (still 4K cloud/texture resolution) and I gained back some of the frames. Are there any changes in the updates that could affect the performance that hard?
  4. Same problem for me - did a complete system re-install yesterday (clean & fresh windows 10). After nearly 20 hours of downloading and installing all of my addons (~600 GB of data downloaded :O) I went for a quick flight to check if everything is good...same settings, same addons, same hardware out of my home airport (LOWW FlyTampa) with the Maule (standard P3D plane). Addons used: ASP3Dv4 (weather engine) + SkyForce3D + EnvironmentForce + Chaseplane - FlyTampa Vienna + ORBX (Global + Vector + LC Europe) From 40-60 fps last week to 15-20 fps today. Without the weather addons active my fps jump back to 40-60 fps. So there is anything faulty since the update. The only thing that changed is P3D - I updated to v4.5 (before the re-install of my system I used v4.4)
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