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  1. Naki18

    Support Verification

    Ahh no I made my request for verification on Saturday just gone not 30 days ago......I have had no notfication that my verification had been made...in any case I will now head to the support forum. Thanks
  2. Naki18

    Support Verification

    Any chance of getting verificatioon?? I have asked several times but completery ignored. I've had the product for several years and hadn't had to ask anything until now. Customer service here is rather slack!
  3. Naki18

    Support Verification

    Apologies....Can I please get verified then?? My FFS Order is #FSS0126666 if that is any help
  4. Naki18

    Support Verification

    Request for verification: Flightsimstore Product: REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0Serial/Registration Info: xxxxx Moderator edit: do not place your serial number in public view, we only ask for order number and store of purchase, not serial number.