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  1. Ahh no I made my request for verification on Saturday just gone not 30 days ago......I have had no notfication that my verification had been made...in any case I will now head to the support forum. Thanks
  2. Any chance of getting verificatioon?? I have asked several times but completery ignored. I've had the product for several years and hadn't had to ask anything until now. Customer service here is rather slack!
  3. Apologies....Can I please get verified then?? My FFS Order is #FSS0126666 if that is any help
  4. Request for verification: Flightsimstore Product: REX - Real Environment Xtreme v2.0Serial/Registration Info: xxxxx Moderator edit: do not place your serial number in public view, we only ask for order number and store of purchase, not serial number.
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