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  1. Tim I do use AS. Guess I never noticed it before. Thank you.
  2. Then we know its EF, hopefully a team member will chime in when they have some info
  3. I don't remember ever seeing this prior to Environment Force being installed. Has anyone else noticed this? Side note, I have also seen a performance decrease with CB overcast layers which I have not seen before. Cloud textures are all DXT5 1024 and AS Cloud layers are at 3. This has happened almost every flight with overcast layers. FPS would go from 30 to 15-18 pretty quickly, then shoot back to 30 after a weather update. I run everything in Auto Mode with Environment Force and have only checked Cirrus overcast in the manual tweaks. Keep in mind my monitor refresh rate is 25hz so hence the 25fps. I added two photos of what I am talking about. The cloud structures look almost identical, but FPS tank for the worse. The fps remain bad for a couple minutes then eventually return to normal. 7820X at 4.8ghz 32gb and GTX 1080ti
  4. Yes I am. Currently the only way for me to not have the lighting issue is to disable HDR in P3D. My next question is since EF is now working with shaders dynamically, can PTA be uninstalled totally and still achieve the same effects?
  5. iniB PTA.ini This PTA profile caused gray panel for me.
  6. I cannot get the bloom any darker. I have lowered all bloom values to as far as they will allow. The bloom will get very bright until I change views. The bloom will go away, but eventually come back. I can't see this as being normal.
  7. I am saying whether I start EF prior to starting P3D or not at all, the lighting problem still exists. Only AFTER installing EF did the excessive bloom start.
  8. I would like to add something about the grey panels if I may. I am using REX Sky Force, REX EF and PTA. I do NOT use Tomato Shade. When I first installed REX EF I was using the PTA integration tool through Sky Force utilizing one of your PTA profiles. The issue with excessive bloom (See attached photos) has been causing me headaches so I attempted a different profile from inibuilds. Upon loading up the sim I received the gray VC textures as others are seeing. I reverted back to the orginal PTA profile from Sky Force after clearing my shaders and the color was back in the VC. Do you think that the gray panels are caused by a common tweak used between PTA and TS profiles that just so a happens to not be used by this particular Sky Force PTA profile? On a side note, the excessive bloom for me gradually increased when looking forward. When I change views, the bloom goes away, but will again gradually come back no matter how low I set the bloom in the HDR settings. The only remedy is the turn off HDR. As you can see I am not currently running EF, but the issue has begun only after installing EF to the sim. It occures if I am running EF or not.
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