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  1. I can't wait for that!!! I watched the video from the show....blew my mind!!!! Like I was saying though...I think (and I could be way wrong..maybe just me...lol) people like side by side comparisons... I know for me, there are times I buy the cheaper cause it does all I need it to do...and there are times I have seen what I want in a product...so I simply wait until I can get the one I really want/need. But if I already own product A...and then product B comes out NEW and product A gets some of what B has as an update...I still want to see a point by point comparison so I can decide if I stick with what I already own or upgrade to B. Or, maybe I keep A but also buy B because A has some things that the new B doesn't. I hope all that makes sense.... I know I talked about one product, but I am more attempting to talk about all products by any company... I mean, even products by different companies....side by side comparisons (which many companies do showcasing THEIR product vs another companies...) really help put into light pros and cons.. And yea, I know I am way too anal about this stuff.. Comes from too many years of reading Consumer Reports every month and seeing every product side by side with similar products.. LOL!!! I think what you all do and are doing is amazing!!! It really makes MY hobby way more fun!! So thank you for all of that! Greg
  2. I think the question many of us have that already own other products is this... If I own Sky Force 3D with soft clouds and there will be an update adding some of the new features from Environment Force what exactly then will be the differences? In other words, after updating SF3D, what will EF offer that I don't already have? We all need to decide if we will buy the new products or if our current investment will do the job. Kind of sucks to buy any companies best products only to have them create/release a totally new better version soon after. It's the comparisons I think many want. I know that's what I look at. Point by point comparison of what each product does. That way we can choose as much or as little as we want/need/afford. While you already clarified some things for me, Reed, I think a post at some point making sure everyone understands what the programs do. It's easy to create software and think it's pretty obvious what each does, but based on my own experience as well as what I am reading others post in other forums and this one it is confusing. Personally, I think Texture Direct should have been named SKY Texture Direct + Water. Anyway, just my .047 worth... I know part of it comes from hating when I have 5 programs installed that do 3 things.. because of overlapping that either I didn't know was duplication or the differences are so very minor you really don't need them all. If that makes any sense. Greg
  3. Well, that makes perfect sense. And, let's me know that I need to verify anything else I may buy... and THAT is good to know! - Greg
  4. Curious why someone that posted AFTER me is already verified and I'm not? I even purchased FROM YOU. Again, just curious...thanks! - Greg
  5. Verification Post: Order: LOOCEZRPZ Placed on 09/14/2018 21:03:50 REX Worldwide Airports HD REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition Sky Force and WX Advantage Radar Bundle - 1x REX Sky Force 3D - 1x WX Advantage Radar Ordered direct from REX Store. Thank you, Greg
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