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  1. I get that...that's why I specifically stated that I was under the IMPRESSION.... I can't even say why... Quite possible in some review somewhere, as I read and watched a bunch, someone said something about ground textures and I mistook what they were talking about. I totally take this one as my issue... But as I do look around the site, something I personally would LOVE to see is a page that (and if it already exists, maybe I just missed it..) gives a breakdown over each product and what it does do. A comparison chart of sorts. So I and everyone else can see that if I buy this product, do I really need to buy that product or does one do mostly the same thing. Example, I have Skyforce 3D...so do I need to buy the upcoming Environment Force? I watched your interview with ADX so I THINK I know the answer...but I have seen other people asking the same question. I know that I, with limited $ to spend on this amazing hobby, do a TON of research on what products I want to purchase. I will read and watch all information I can as well as reading many dev web sites as well as forum info from users of those products. Probably, in fact, too much!!! I get to a burn out point where I actually end up more confused than I was before doing all the homework.. If that makes any sense. Products start to get mashed together as far as features, etc... And yes, that's 100% MY fault!! But boiled down...I don't want to buy something from REX and something from company B or even another product from REX that ends up in the long run doing the same or mostly the same thing. This is where charts with features would be a HUGE help. At least for me...but I am guessing for most people, also. Again, please know, I am LOVING every bit of my products from REX. And I really hope to be able to contribute in the near future (still wish you all needed a full time Chef.) It just seemed that in purchasing both TD and Skyforce 3D that I bought 2 products that do 95% of the same things. My post wasn't to say I am upset about it...was more of confused about it. Thanks for everything you all have done...and I am a customer for life. I'm already sold!!! Greg
  2. This issue is confounding everyone!!! However, we have taken care of getting me my software to work. Gotta say this.. Customer support from REX is literally second to NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reed and Murray have gone WAY out of their way on their own time to help me out... Wish you all needed a full time chef, I'd work for a company like this anytime, any where!!!! Greg
  3. Thanks.. I just don't understand this issue.. I have literally uninstalled and re-installed the other 3 programs several times (4 or 5) and had NO issues at all. It's just this one installer. I thought I understood putting in the wrong info would lock it up eventually...ok...I get that..however, when I look in the registry at those programs, they are all registered to SpectroPro. (my user name) NOT to Greg Swagler, which is what I HAD TO ENTER into TD for it to work. Something is really messed up somewhere... and I am paying for it. LOL!!!!! And yes, that's me lightening up the situation.. I mean, it is what it is... not the end of the world...I would just really like to figure it out so I can use it....AND so we can figure out if I am the only lucky person to have this issue... :) Greg
  4. And wouldn't you just figure... We had (for testing purposes) installed into my C drive. Just making sure the installer actually worked after taking the serial number. I then uninstalled so I could re install where it should go with my other REX software. Now, the installer doesn't work again. Says my NEW serial number is invalid. I am about to the point where I just say screw it.... chalk up the money paid for this one as a loss and just move on... This is simply insane!!! And just for giggles, I uninstalled Worldwide Airports AND Skyforce 3D as well... then RE INSTALLED them....their installers accepted the serial numbers just fine. This is no longer something I screwed up.. It simply doesn't work! AGAIN! Greg
  5. So I finally got this installed. However, I also bought, at the same time, Worldwide Airports and Sky Force 3D. I was under the impression that TD was mostly changing ALL the worlds textures. WA changes airport textures and SF3D makes the weather insane.. I did figure that I wouldn't need the soft clouds part of TD as I knew SF3D would be better and all in one for my sky goodies... After installing TD I find that 99% of what it does is already done in the other 2 products. (At least what it gives me options for.) The ONLY thing I used it for was water. It apparently does NOT change the entire ground textures. Or, and maybe I am just missing something here....does it change them...you just don't get any options about them? And the other stuff you get options because it allows you to modify THOSE. In other words, is TD altering ALL the ground textures AS WELL AS airport, sky, and water??? If so...then that answers my question. Greg
  6. Ok...well, had a GREAT tech support session with Murray. After even confounding him for a while we figured it out. When I had originally run the installer it asks for user name, email, serial. I had entered my user name as what I always use as my user name. Which is NOT my name. Apparently I had tried it enough times that the system locked out my serial number. Thus, even when I tried using my real name it said no good. So I was issued a new serial number. It still didn't work. (tried once with new serial) Then, for no reason at all, I did try my real name, and it worked just fine. I guess, in my thinking....REX should NOT ask for USER NAME but rather ask for Name you used when buying the software. Or at least make that perfectly clear that it requires EXACTLY the name you have on your REX Account. Anyway, it is now working just fine. But that leads to another topic... LOL Greg
  7. I had to reschedule to Monday..but I will absolutely reply here... Greg
  8. Oh, and SOME of the help and replies have been via email.... So while I hadn't replied here...I replied via email as soon as I got it... Greg
  9. Oh, I am NOT complaining about YOUR response times....just saying that by the time I see something and reply you all may be gone for the day...so you don't see it til you see it...then you reply, then I don't see it til I see it.. LOL My point is mostly just that messages and email are tough unless both parties are sitting at their computers doing nothing else but waiting on the reply of the other party. hahahaha Greg I do have a live meeting set up for tomorrow afternoon.. I still can't get that one program to accept the license. It's odd since the license IS accepted for me to download the software...but NOT accepted inside the installer.. Greg
  10. The support team has been helping me (I am guessing that is you! ). However, as of now, to no avail. What sucks is that doing all this via email / portal means long delays at times. Thus, I only get to try one thing they suggest every day or two. Here it is 12 days after I bought it...and I still can't use it!! There MUST be a simpler way to fix this issue... Greg
  11. Yes, I have installed the other 3 with no problems at all. Still can't install TD w/ SC Greg
  12. So how do I get support on here? I have not been able to install my paid for software for days now...and no one is replying to my question on here. Is this not the TICKET system where we are supposed to request help? My paid for serial number being rejected should be a HIGH priority matter....at least it is everywhere else. Order number: LOOCEZRPZ Product: REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition I run the installer, I put in my username, email, and serial that you sent me. I have typed it, copy/pasted it.... it always says Invalid serial number. Please fix this or send me a new serial number before I request a refund. Thank you, Greg
  13. I recently purchased REX Worldwide Airports HD, REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds, REX Sky Force 3D, and WX Advantage Radar.... I just fired up Texture Direct and it says my serial number is invalid. I have typed it in 3 times, and copy and pasted each section ....all to the same reply from the program. Invalid. Help. (note: I have NOT tried the others yet.) Greg
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