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  1. Referring to my other thread, I can update that I've had confirmation and the infection alert was a false positive, and now I've been able to revisit the update process for TU2 - that seems to have applied ok, and the validation warning has gone away also. Phew!
  2. I received a response on this one a little while ago, confirming my suspicion that this is indeed a false positive detection. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing but when I worked in a technical environment, one of the areas I covered for my company was virus detection. I had already told myself that it was 99% likely to be Bitdefender being over cautious, but with my old hat on, seeing an alert as specific as that urged caution. I'd rather wait a little while to get an all clear from the supplier, than face who knows how long undoing the damage of an infection! Anyways, I deleted quarantined instances of the download, started afresh, and the update has applied without any obvious issues. Perhaps unsurprisingly the coincidental issue of failed validation has gone away also. Time for a quick flight perhaps ☺️
  3. Interesting to read of your issues, which sound like my experience. I tried more than once to allow TU2 to take place, but Bitdefender was very specific in reporting the same Mikey infection, and I bought from the REX store. As the detection was very specific I am loath to proceed with restoring the download from quarantine until I get assurance all is well. That said, I then decided to hit "cancel" when loading Environment Force up, for a sim session, assuming it would merely put the update on hold and run the current version, which would have been fine with me. Sadly I then ran into the "Your validation process failed. Please contact support" message once the sim loaded. The EF mini UI does not show anything bar that warning so I don't know if it is loading or not, but clearly I can't change any of the parameters. Reading your experience tempts me to uninstall EF completely and see what happens if I start the download over, assuming the full product download is the latest version, however I expect it more than likely I'll run into the same infection warning once more. Right now, the only reassurance is that the issue seems to be affecting a few of us, so hopefully clarification as to how to deal with it will come soon.
  4. The main reason I'm seeking assurance on this one is because the alert was so specific. As it happens I've run into another issue (always the way when you manage to find some quality sim time!) Environment Force is now warning that my validation process has failed. It's never done that before that I recall. Only difference in launching stuff today is that when the prompt to update shows up, I select "cancel" to continue without the update. It seems to behave normally, going to the main Environment Force screen, but as the sim loads up, instead of the Environment Force mini UI box, I just get that warning box, with no settings showing. I don't even know if it's working at all in the sim. I haven't changed anything since last sim session so it seems quite a coincidence that I've not applied TU2 and now get this warning message. For completeness, I've posted about the validation issue at https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52856-your-validation-process-failed-please-contact-support/ Dave
  5. This message has just appeared for no reason that I can see right now. Until today everything was ok, and I haven't changed anything. I have not yet updated Environment Force to TU2 as my antivirus seems to think the download contains a specific infection (I've posted about this at https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52832-environment-force-v5020190625-infection-warning/ and await a response) I started my sim session as normal: Start ASP4, then Environment Force, both as admins. Environment Force advises of the pending update, and I select Cancel to continue without applying update. I then start P3D (v4.5) and as the session initiates, the warning box from Environment Force appears. I set the session to run in auto mode, but the Mini UI doesn't show as normal, I just have that warning box and can't access Environment Force settings now. I don't know if it is actually working. Can you advise please? Is this related to not applying TU2? regards Dave
  6. To be fair, I feel that Bitdefender can be a little over zealous at times, and it doesn't seem to highlight issues that obviously, with problems like this hidden in the notifications area. Mine is configured to quarantine risky content, so I guess I could add an exception quite easily. That said, I'd prefer to hear from the REX folks as to whether the alert is false or not, before proceeding.
  7. I'm trying to update Environment Force to v5.0.2019.0625 Process fails with the warning (from Bitdefender Total Security) The file C:\Users\Dave\AppData\Local\Temp\3yrKSY2U.exe.part is infected with Gen:Variant.Mikey.98735 and was moved to quarantine. It is recommended that you run a System Scan to make sure your system is clean. Whilst I suspect it's a false alert, could someone from REX confirm that before I go ahead and allow the update to install? Thanks in advance. Dave
  8. Hi Reed, yes apologies for the video quality. Coincidentally I'd been changing recorder settings and they weren't optimal when I grabbed that short clip, but viewed on my GSYNC in real time, the effect is more obvious, with an almost prismatic effect look to the shimmer. However, as you mentioned, my next thought was to try a different set, and that's what I've just done. I ensured within that that I picked a different Ground Environment set for a new theme. At first I thought it was still showing, so I started looking into my P3D graphics settings, hoping a tweak might sort things. It did not seem to help, but after reverting those to previous values, things look ok now. Most odd. I'd add that my P3D v4.3 install is pretty new having just rebuilt the lot, and had not seen this effect before. If it continues to behave I'll be happy, but still a little puzzled! Dave
  9. Hi Galen, were you able to see the effect in the posted video? I'm strongly considering just going back to TD just for runways etc. and grass, but if you'd recommend otherwise I'm all ears thanks Dave
  10. Hi Galen Yes that's correct. I wanted a clean start before installing WWAHD and following the discussion about TD vs WWAHD texture options decided to go with the newer product, or have I misunderstood the installation approach? Prior to then installing WWAHD from scratch, the P3D textures very much looked to be back to default, and as I say the last thing I did with TD was to merely remove the remnants that Win10 Uninstaller recognised, which I saw more of a disk tidy exercise more than anything. Here's a link to a short capture, apologies for quality, but hopefully the effect I mention can be seen https://youtu.be/jyg7xHjleTM
  11. Hi Galen, sadly not resolved! Unexpected issues arose as follows, here are the steps I went through: - I noted I still had some TD/Soft Clouds Enhanced folder content on the drive, although using the TD console it indicated no selections were actually installed (that would be after using the TD restore option to return P3D to default content I presume) For neatness and clarity, I used the Win10/Settings/Apps option to Uninstall, and all remaining TD folders were then cleared, During this I noted no adverse effect on the sim, so I think that confirms my thought that nothing was actually installed was correct, and content was merely sat there waiting to be installed via a theme. -I then progressed with WWAHD install, selecting preferred textures to add to a theme ready to install. This all went without sign of error, and I also opted to create a preinstall backup of P3D textures. -Going into P3D there was the expected initial loadup lag as new content was loaded, and I could see that using a default airport, the runway markings were now non--default in appearance, and grass looked a lot better too. I was quite happy until I noticed a strange effect. Namely the runway texture was shimmering and looked fresnel lens like, when viewed from certain positions. From the rear of the aircraft, and (typically!) the cockpit view were not good at all and most distracting. Hoping this may be a characteristic of one texture only I went into the WWAHD console to select an alternate runway look, but there was no indication of a theme nor indeed the textures for each selection category actually being installed! I know they were as the initial theme load took a little time, as did the P3D load, as mentioned. However the theme I created WAS listed there. Tonight I've taken it a little further and returned P3D textures to default state using the restore option. Textures certainly look back to default (yuk) but the shimmer is gone. I'll happily acknowledge error on my side if a graphic setting could be responsible, but right now I'm puzzled. Not sure about posting links here but I believe I have captured the effect on a couple of Youtube vids I uploaded whilst discussing this with a fellow SIMmer. regards Dave
  12. Thanks for that Galen, I'll go for the Worldwide Airports HD install as the next step then. Kind Regards Dave
  13. I could use a little guidance regarding what I guess is a pick and mix question with respect to the REX products I have. I guess I could post this one in a couple of sections. so please forgive if another would be more appropriate! Apologies for longish post but I wanted to ensure all info was supplied My REX products: -REX Worldwide Airports HD (this is currently not installed yet, following a recent sim rebuild) -REX Texture Direct/With Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition (Recently removed, effectively, using the built-in Restore option to revert P3D back to a pre-install state. This was in prep for installing REX Sky Force 3D) -REX Sky Force 3D (Installed just a couple of days ago) The goal: SF3D is looking very promising, but in moving to it I am without my airport runway/taxiway and grass textures, which would be nice to have again. One option I could use would be to reinstall via Texture Direct, selecting only the Runways/Taxiways and Grass textures But as I also have Worldwide Airports HD (I've not installed the new build yet) and as there seems to be some product feature overlap (with Texture Direct) I wonder if this would be a better route to take. However I'm unclear if grass textures are included in the product (Worldwide Airports) too, or would I need to install grass textures only from Texture Direct, and remaining airport content such as runways etc from Worldwide Airports HD? Any advice/recommendations on mixing components from those products would be appreciated. Finally as I have Sky Force 3D installed now, that will have carried out a backup of original P3D textures I believe, so if I do add selected features from Texture Direct and/or Worldwide Airports, would I need to do that again (or would that in fact end up backing up content that has been placed into the P3D folders during the SF3D installation?) I hope I've been clear in explaining what I am trying to achieve!
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