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  1. thanks for the answers ur even a dev yeah the flaw sometimes is weird but otherwise ur clouds would be fps monsters^^ i plan on getting worldwide HD airports too
  2. i fixed flimmering textures it was the bullshit DX10 from FSX
  3. ok did see a video even in sky force these clouds are 2D paper cloud i suggest making them in a spehere so they dont turn to u and u can fly arround them and for the fly throu of that cloud place very dense fog in that cloud(sphere) cause it feels amazing when u see them but once u wanna flay throu it will make u thing huh what just happend? where was that cloud?
  4. I got REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced and i see that when i fly into these fluffy Bastards they disappear and reappear behind by aircraft is this normal? since a use ASN as wather engine and it has a cool wing fade effect :/ and is this not ins Sky Force 3D? Also will Sky Force 3D place the clouds based on METAR data and Pireps when i use ASN as wather engine? Is it recommended to use other Weather Engines or is Sky Force 3D capable of doing real world weather+turbolences etc. on its own? And i also got some Texture Flicker with REX 4 Texture Direct on LIRF idk if its only there but as i kept moving the camer it did flicker and even was on some angles invisible
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