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  1. Order reference - JZHGGTJNK Environment Force REX Store Thanks
  2. itching to get to grips with this............
  3. ok thanks for the reply, it's not where I am not happy I just like seeing what REX loads up and would like some randomness, also in an older version you had an option where by there was a choice to load the textures best suited to the weather when you first fired REX up, it may have been in REX with OD, the question asked was would you like REX to install texteures for the current weather, or something similar. I have an app in XP11 and that loads different cloud and sky sets everytime and I wondered if you were looking to go that way, however I understand I am probably in the minority.... Thanks..
  4. Is there any way of getting Skyforce 3D to install random textures on load up? Or do I have to create one every time and save it?
  5. sorry for the dumb question, but how would I add this to a sig? I am on Mutleys a lot and would like to spread the word and show REX support...am I best to approach Joe(aka Mutley)?
  6. please verify the following REX Soft Clouds, Just Flight JFL1227956CFEE5FCA0 Thanks
  7. well one of the reasons,but I just love the constantly different stuff I see in the sky, two shots from a very long flight today.....just brilliant,thank you REX people....
  8. looks really good, can't wait to get my hands on it........will this make Skyforce 3d redundant or do they work together?
  9. please can you verify the following WX ADVANTAGE RADAR - JUST FLIGHT JFL7182351F71E5CBDC Thank you..
  10. Nice, well thought out words Sir. I currently Beta test for JF and really appreciate the work that goes in to bringing products to the wider community. I have to say that ever since I found REX products, not to long ago REX E + OD was my first, they have always been my go to for making my sim look great, it's really the only thing I miss when I use XP11. Lets hope the great work continues for many years..... Wayne
  11. Hi REX, verification request please flightsim store REX Skyforce 3D.... FSS0569768 Just Flight REX HD Airports ...... JFL6214701EF1638A1B
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