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  1. Hi there again, My problem was related to my corrupted windows profile, and resetting windows did the trick. It was about time to that anyway lol. Thanks!
  2. In these video the problem is a little more clean. Part 1 (No crash): Starting p3d with 747 at the default airport. Part 2 (With crash): Starting p3d with 747 at EHAM. The crash also occurs when Starting at the default airport and changing to EHAM. UPDATE: I tried to re-install the 747, and the first verdion works (3.00.9008), but when updating the plane it doesn't work anymore (3.00.9431).
  3. It didn't fix the problem. Now I'm trying P3D without REX SF and EF. I'll report back. UPDATE: Did not fix the problem.
  4. Thanks! At the moment I'm also updating to the newest version of windows 10, and I will check if that makes a difference.
  5. Here are all my settings that you've asked for! https://imgur.com/a/1N3xZGE I'm also able to make a video of the problem I'm having to make it a little more clear if you need it! ~iMoveQuick
  6. I have tried to use the “debug” option, but turning that off didn’t work..
  7. Hi there, First off all my verification is still pending and I hope I’m posting this on the right forum. But the last few weeks have been trying to resolve the issues I got with the PMDG 747. The problem is that p3d crashes when the Sim is completely loaded. The UI loads up, but the screen stays black and then after 10 seconds he Sim crashes without any error, I also coudn’t find any trace of the crash anywhere. On the PMDG forum they suggested it could be EF or SF that is causing the crashes. Only the 747-400 and -8 crashes, no other PMDG aircraft crash. P.S: I’ve updated to the latest version and applied the hotfixes from the forum, still no luck. Sim: P4D 4.5 Thanks in advance! ~iMoveQuick
  8. As you explained EHAM is one of the custom airports they made. On every other airport which has generic textures it's working fine. Looking way better!
  9. Hi there, So yesterday I saw on fselite that the addon I've been looking into for a long time got updated to work with prepared v4. So there after buying and installing it and installing textures I noticed that only one of the selected textures were installed correctly : The Jetway, nothing else. The hangers and the terminals look like they are still default, if they are not...then you know what... In the attached you will find the ""Proof". I hope this is a bug or that some other problem is interfering with RWWAHD. Thanks for reading, ~iMoveQuick PS : These pictures are taken from EHAM/AMS (Schiphol Amsterdam)
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