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  1. Sorry, I misunderstood you. In fact Come to this section every time. I always have some complaints. Maybe it's because I see too many "this week" and "soon". And one missed appointment after another I would rather see REX say, "There's no exact time.“ I don't want to help them remember their promised time. Maybe you're right. We need to keep our eyes open.
  2. REX also said NEXT UPDATE: TUESDAY, MAY 7, 2019 Don't blame others subjectively to show your existence.
  3. REX said before that there will be updates today, I have been trying to refresh, but at present, nothing, no news, so to ask.
  4. simmarket :2036716 REX GAME STUDIOS - REX 5 - ENVIRONMENT FORCE
  5. Successful installation, and is experiencing, I have to say, this is a very pioneering software, visual impact is very strong!
  6. Yes, I bought SF as early as January 2018, which was obviously caused by system errors, but when I contacted the customer service staff, they brutally closed my work order. I am looking for ways to make further complaints.
  7. I bought the product on SIMMARKET, but I didn't give me any promise discount! Clearly the prompt is the system automatically judged, but after consulting customer service, I actually told me to contact them in advance before payment, there is no such hint on the product sales page!
  8. Why is it that there is no specific time for the release, only one refresh time after time? It's crazy to keep refreshing from zero in New York time until now.
  9. Because I bought SF before, there will be a 10% discount.
  10. I saw that just flights had been released, but my SF was purchased at simmarket, so in order to get a discount, I had to wait for the release of simmarket. It was just a torment!
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